Regulating emotions helps when we have the concepts of the root forces earth wind water and fire

Imagine a situation where anger flares up along side a desire to say something hurtful because something you care about personally is at risk.

Fire, wind, earth, water.

Shemayim is composed of fire and water that work together, rather than act as opposites.

We too can bring these root forces forward into meaning and purpose. How?

Once we see the fire is causing us to want to speak hurtfully, and we see that something profound to our being is at risk, and we realize we do not want it, we are completely reassured of the real task! It has nothing to do with the circumstances! It has everything to do with a mature re-organizing of the root forces.

We have spiritual powers because we have a soul from Hashem, the Only Power. The universal element of all creation is Hashem’s compassion. It is the penny of the universe. Everything is built from it. The spiritual powers are the power of free will, the power of faith, and the power to experience taanug – the pleasure of feeling our true inner being that is connected to Hashem at all times.

The root forces are full of potential compassion but it is trapped in what appears to us as darkness and negativity – anger, sad, hurtful, lacking. When we realize that we may exert emunah in such an instance, and choose to trust in Hashem’s compassion no matter what we are experiencing, we are acknowledging to Hashem that we sincerely know and return to our heart that He is Hashem and that His Compassion is the core of everything in the universe, in our circumstances, in our body and in our soul. In so doing, we overcome the appearance of many forces and that effort brings to our hearts a love and awe that the body can feel and reveal.

The awareness needed to re-organize all of the emotion is the experience of feeling one with Hashem, a pleasure that is an inner pleasure, a simcha, an experience that our higher soul has at all times but that we do not naturally feel. What blocks us from feeling it are our natural urges and impulses which we perceive far more readily. Yet the universal element, compassion, is hidden within those urges and impulses, albeit far from our sensory perceptions Rather the opposite is what we experience. Anger, sadness, fear, loss, despair.

Emunah is a power of the soul we may exercise to choose to see everything as filled with Hashem’s compassion. What is the next step? The body itself, the heart’s emotions, becomes wise enough to realize that it can give the potential compassion hidden in the pain to the soul for the soul then to re-organize and restore to the body in a way that reveals the compassion to the body too.

From the place where we love Hashem and have awe in Hashem, that place where we feel the simcha of connection – even if only a remembered place that we feel far away from – we can tell Hashem that we wish for the simcha of connection to prevail, that the wind of that gentle joy should please extend into the pain and cause the whispered messages from the darkness to not only quiet, but to join in the simcha’s revealed message of joy.

We ask, generating prayer with our speech – wind – for that simcha to touch and absorb the whispered messages from the yetzer hara – wind – and turn the hidden and revealed compassion into revealed compassion we may feel.

We ask that the simcha become what is stable in our heart, not the negative reactions.

We ask that our love for Hashem – water – quiet the firey reactions of fear or anger so that we may regulate our emotions and reveal Hashem’s compassion in our speech and deeds.

We let go of results. Our focus is the work of re-organizing the root forces we feel – what is sad and unstable to become simcha-dik, what is angry, frightened or raw to become warm and bring light, what feels like a storm inside to become a gentle experience of Hashem’s constant love, and for what we want to no longer be our subjective wants but rather to want to do this work of re-organizing the root forces because we love Hashem and this is what He is asking of us in this moment – to positively impact the root forces, improve our character, and create a positive influence on the nature of the world.

Embracing this is a totally new perspective on every moment. It reflects not only emunah but heartfelt awareness that Hashem is One and that we are here to recognize His Compassion as the universal element of all. By that recognition, we are saying we are creations, He is the Creator, and we wish to be the vessels through which You Hashem can be seen.

By so doing, we have an alternative to getting thrown for a loop. We have a means of understanding ourselves that gives purpose and meaning to every moment, even distasteful ones. And we bring holiness to our bodies and merits for eternal life to our soul.

It is up to us.

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