Pictorial to understand earth wind water and fire as root forces in our inner world

Please listen to this video – the pictorials also appear below, but the video adds description.

The goal of these pictorials is to help us comprehend our personalities better. In so doing, we see validation that Hashem has created our soul in His Image and made us from the elements with which He Creates the world. We can experience the true self,the simcha of connectedness, and we can stabilize it in our hearts, to have a new focus and process for how to deal with our existence.

Even when we are upset, seeing the root of what we feel in terms of earth, wind, water and fire touches the truth that it is from Hashem, for us to rectify these elements and our characteristics. In a way, feeling our feelings helps us validate that Hashem is One!

The point of living in our emunah is to also trust that our purpose is not to act out the unrectified emotions, but to rather recognize the darkness as a place that we can draw Hashem’s light into it and reveal it, serving as a bridge between Heaven and earth as Hashem intends. Trusting the purpose for which we are created helps us to move between the natural self that hits the darkness and the simcha self that knows it is one with the Creator of the world, who is all compassionate whether concealed or revealed.

Our trusting this purpose serves to filter what conceals Hashem’s compassion from the elements within our nature, which makes it possible for Hashem’s compassion to be revealed all together, expanding our urges and impulses with awareness.

Through emunah,prayer and will and love and awe of Hashem, darkness within us can become simcha when we trust the process Hashem has designed and the mission He has given to us, to become vessels to hold His Compassion. We can draw something into our mind and heart that is healing, life-giving, nurturing and that has eternal benefits.

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