Emunah and bitachon raise our executive functioning to the true mission we have – bonding and thereby healing our imagination and intellect with Hashem’s wisdom and compassion.

Managing the human condition of being limited and imperfect is aided greatly by emunah and bitachon.

Understanding that all there is in the world is Hashem, that He is the author of our lives and everything that is happening, helps us to accept our imperfections. They are purposeful!

How we make the effort to bring out His Truth, His Oneness, His Love IS our mission. We unblock Hashem’s light so it may shine through us into this world by realizing that when we run into an obstacle, we are intended NOT to think the self-focused thoughts our urges and impulses whisper to us. Rather we are to declare to Hashem in full force of feeling the urges and impulses that we have come face to face with hidden compassion within our makeup that we wish instead to experience as revealed compassion. It is our will to go beyond the reason and understanding of our urges and impulses alone!

Having a greater understanding of ourselves as a being with free will, emunah and the simcha of connection to Hashem grants perspective to the experience of our natural self that has encountered and is experiencing darkness. We are empowered to draw light from Hashem’s surrounding light to touch the substance hidden within our urges that wants to move towards self-focus.

We are not our limitations. We are our effort to empty and re-fill our natural urges and impulses …empty it of hidden compassion focused on limited vision of the natural self and re-fill it with revealed compassion so that the natural self stabilizes its identity as one with the simcha of being connected to Hashem’s compassion.

Breaking open the urges is safe – it is personal prayer. Experience the opening of all of our memories and false beliefs. It may feel painful but don’t think the thoughts – name and describe the thoughts and feelings. See how earth (sadness, laziness, stability, fertile ground), water (vitality, love, wisdom, truth, unbounded overflow that can be destructive), fire (ascending movement that destroys, warmth, light), wind (movement from four directions, blistery, over-speaking) are involved in the urges and impulses. This helps to validate that, indeed, the challenge is to rectify nature! And in so seeing the root forces, we have emunah in Hashem, for the Torah teaches us that we are here solely to rectify our characteristics and our characteristics’ root are the natural elements themselves that are under Hashem’s total supervision. See how our choice to empty the urges and impulses of the hidden expression of these forces in order to re-fill the urges and impulses with a revealed expression of Hashem’s compassion expands our awareness of Hashem in our subconscious mind and heart. We can remove the confusion of mind that happened from the eating of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

Hashem, I want to not want to feel the negativity of the urges and impulses of fire, earth, wind and water which I am feeling and thinking in relation to the limited self and causing me to despair. Rather, I want the compassion to be restored to its pristine compassion, revealed compassion. Please help.

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