Four steps to help us in the moment

1. When challenged, remember it is from Hashem. In order to reconnect to Hashem when momentarily disconnected and confused, confirm the overall falseness of the darkness. If we act, will our holiness fuel the darkness or draw in light? If we have the urge or impulse from the nefesh behema to do something that really will only enhance darkness, take the next protective step for the soul and identify what the false belief or slander or lashon hara our inner message is saying that is hurting our heart, and then understand these are circumstances provided by Hashem to give us opportunity to truly form our eternal identity and give expression to nefesh elokis, not nefesh behema.

2. All the negativity stirring is giving us access to the raw elements -wind water earth and fire – so that we may use free will to ask Hashem to go beyond nature and strip away the dross so His Light can be seen. This willful act to go beyond nature – Hashem is the only Being that can go above nature – gives us credit for having been part of a G-D-LIKE act when Hashem says yes, which He does when we are sincere in submission. By so willing, we create eternal identity that inoculates us from bread of shame.

3. Dynamically and kinesthetically emit heartfelt love and awe while prayerfully asking Hashem to please accept our choice to go beyond reason and understanding of human reactions because we only want for Hashem to be revealed, in the very elements we are bringing to Him for borer (to separate the positive divine spark from the dross). We wiil for Him to bring  His Salvation to the positive spark of Divinity hidden within the elements stirring within us, within the place of feeling a challenge. This step shows the submission of the nefesh behema, by sincerely loving Hashem with awe in how Hashem has designed the world. It shows we desire the relationship He creates for us to have with Him, a creation  to serve as a bridge between heaven and earth, a creation to return  coarse material and reveal the compassionate spark of the raw material. It shows we realize our circumstances are from Hashem solely to give us real opportunity to will to go beyond our nature for a soul correction and eternal closeness to Him.

4. Ask that this teshuva on our subjective nature be a merit for the soul of am yisrael so that we may be redeemed with singing and dancing, and that every Yid feel more clarity in serving Hashem objectively through our daily contact with nature in this way.

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