Inspiration to not underestimate who you are

I don’t know why I believe what I do

Perhaps it is ‘cause I am older than you

Or perhaps its because I grew up  with alarm

And lived behind a wall to protect me from harm.

Perhaps these disqualify what I have to say

From carrying weight with anyone today

But I believe that what I did

To take down the wall is because I have Torah as a Yid.

Without the Torah, the chochma from Hashem

My life would be still a victim of them.

Or perhaps I would have adopted

The horrible practices that got me so flopped.

If I could share my space with you

Perhaps you too could see it is true

Because we have esoteric space

What has happened to my inner world is a neis. (miracle)

Although it has taken decades, a lifetime

What I want to share is that we are here to refine.

We are not here to grab at damaging tactics

To wield at each other in confrontive antics.

Our force is all rooted in the one true King

The only One to whom we should sing

There is no other Power but He

We have temporary time to build eternal identity

Do not believe anyone who tells you we can’t

Use our free will to do more than rant.

Within us lies a hidden power

To bring compassion to every hour.

The matter is that the compassion is stuck

In false beliefs that there is power in the muck.

We are not nincompoops or lunatics inside

Where the compassion deeply hides.

Kidnapped is the greatest gift we could find

And that is our ability to be kind.

The pleasure of kindness, of being a giver

Is so great we would run to be the forgiver.

But masked it is by addiction to how

We are viewed in the eyes of the here and now.

That image we hold so dearly to protect

Is an anchor holding us back at the neck.

Enslaved we are to something false

Our will runs toward the draws of that pulse.

But that is not the best use of free will

Because it does not pierce to the thrill.

The thrill of feeling an inner light

That absorbs  the power of the painful night

Is lasting and constant and self-evidently true

Do not let anyone or anything block it from you!

The light is there for all to feel

If we remove the shadow that we think is so real.

The shadow exists in a subjective space

That looks like pain and anger upon our face.

We do not have to remain trapped in a wall

Of darkness and pain or fighting and all.

We have real free will to cry out to the King

And tell Him what we feel and that we instead wish to sing.

This is not relying on wishes

This is the truth of Hashem’s kisses.

For all the forces in the world are one

And when we see that, our song is sung.

Our role is to rescue our compassion from lies

And instead to the King our compassion ties.

We cling every moment with clarity and trust

Hashem’s presence is an eternal must.

There is no where else to put our faith

No amount of wielding of hate.

It is free will, in the end, that brings real inner light

Let’s put an end to the fights.

To accept what is said here

Might seem something to fear

After all that’s invested

In networks and tactics trusted.

Yet contemplate a moment

Ask, is subjectivity solvent?

Eternity is at stake

It is long, and it is our fate.

Whatever happiness comes from power

It pales to the beauty of feeling like a flower.

If that sounds corny think back to when

You were young and where you have been.

An innocent heart is within our own

Underneath what covers it like a stone.

We’ve been hurt and damaged, saying never again

Yet hate continues to raise its ugly head.

If we divert our soul to addictive attractions

In order to achieve lustful satisfactions

Despite our consistency in producing the result

Our holiness we insult.

We subject it to serving the forces of dark

Rather than submitting so Hashem we can heark.

We have no idea what that feels like or how

To let go of what we know.

This is the joy of learning Torah

This is the opportunity of mitzvahs

This is the purpose of prayer

This is how we can become holy and rare.

Do not consider this unimportant

For what are we damaging in order to rant?

Our very own soul that is pure

We enslave to the darkness for what seems to be sure.

Wake up to the truth that the forces within

Come from Hashem and He loves din.

For din is just and He loves us so

Our eternity He does not want us to forgo.

Everything He sends is good

He wants us to live as He deems we should

His infinite love surrounds us as well

We breathe and we receive, we are not our shell.

If anything here touches your heart

Be grateful, thank Hashem and start.

Begin by thanking and praising Hashem

For that is the truth, for eternity without end.

Reflections wishing all a Happy Chanukah – Inspiration for Emunah Studies

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