Inspiration for Unity – We are One

To everyone with a Jewish mom

No matter where you are

Please understand that we are one

Forever, near or far.

Maybe something inside you aches

Maybe there is shame

Perhaps something within you shakes

Were you told you are to blame?

The important thing there is to know

Is that the fault lies not with you

But rather with the part of us

That believes things that are untrue.

And every person alive is born

Into a natural flow

Of thoughts from within

That we toil with as if it is so.

The good news is that we are not

The messages we believe

The hurtful painful terrible rot

That we run away and want to leave.

The bad news is that struggle we must

To make ourselves more

A heightened awareness of Who to trust

Builds eternity galore.

The struggle is not bad news you see

In fact it is our role

To create for ourselves an identity

As an eternal soul.

It is scary to think that what I trust

May not be enough

Much of what I believe seems a must,

Success in the world can be rough!

How can I let go of power

Or money for that matter

To think that a prayerful shower

Will produce a life of flowers?

My heart simply does not feel

That prayer is the way

To care for my family head to heel

I must toil every day.

It’s true that we must toil to thrive

But success is not up to us

And that is the point we need for life

To build a relationship with the Boss.

In fact He gives us real free will

And keeps a silent tone

He wants us to have the thrill

Of choosing to not live alone.

But silent He is not, if we talk to Him.

He is, in truth, very near

And when we open our hearts with tears,

His love dissolves our fear.

For we are one with Him you see

And His Love for us is true

It is we who turn away so free

And then we wonder why we are blue.

So wonder enough to consider this so.

You may always go back to the thought

Where you are right now, in a natural flow.

Or, perhaps you will find an elevated route.

Who is like You Hashem?

Believe me He is real

He wants you to feel

His love is so near

You are very dear

But He desires

Our hearts on fire,

Not forced by fear

Not threatened by His Ire.

We find what is true

By calling home when blue,

Search within our inner world

And find faith and trust unfurled.

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