Who is like You Hashem?

Because we are prone to negative thoughts that enter our mind, there is something we can hold onto to guard ourselves from despair. Each person has real free will.  However, we may not realize the role that subconscious tendencies, which we all have in common, could have upon us instead of luring us into the dark. 

The strength of the forces within our subconscious can be released from the negativity itself to become part of a mature intellect that guards us from despair!!


There is only one real inadequacy that we have.  The only true inadequacy is that no matter what kindness we do, no matter how much charity, no matter how much we grow and work on our characteristics, we can never be Hashem Himself.  

We are not in control.

We have no independent power.

Our existence depends on Hashem alone and He is the only Being whose existence is eternal, unending, and necessary.  We are alive because Hashem gives us a life-giving force.  We do not have life independently from Hashem.  No one dies one second before Hashem decrees it.

What a relief!!!  But if we are not in control, have no independent power, and are a mere mortal whose existence in this world is not essential, how do we inoculate ourselves from despair?  The answer lies in using real free will in trying moments to go beyond our despair and beseech Hashem to help by freeing us from the negativity and giving us the hidden compassion, the root of sanctity from Him, with which every creation – every emotion, every thought, object, vegetable, animal, or person has. Ein od milvado!

What these parameters show us is that our ego is NOT for how we tend to use it.  It simply and truly is not about us as we see our timeline and circumstances! It is about constructing from our existence an eternal identity as someone who recognizes Hashem and yearns to be a transparent reflection of His compassion, unblocking the shadows of falseness we naturally experience so that His Love and Mercy may be seen in this world.

The forces that we feel that we are prone to because we have an ego are very powerful and emotional.

Someone says something.  We react and say something back.  Now they escalate.  Tempers rise. Words are exchanged.  The entire segment is a natural back and forth of impulses and forces that are telling us messages we are prone to about honor, respect, value, inclusion, security and the like.  Broken down to its component parts, it is sad, mad, bad – I react with a lacking sadness that generates a frustration and anger, and I respond with hurt words, judgments, and attacks. Has either one seen themselves or the other as an emanation from Hashem reflecting His compassion into the world?  The blindness leaves us with reactivity.

Take a breath and consider – how quickly did we invest words and emotions and thoughts into a momentary brush that stirred within us forces of nature?  And, if we are not in control, have no independent power, and our existence is not essential, is there something else we are intended to do with the forces stirring within us that might be a better choice?

The answer to this question is the beginning of building a mature intelligence about existence and our role in this world as a bridge between heaven and earth.

Are we interested in sophisticated techniques such as money and power of securing the goals of immature intelligence?

Or, are we ready consider that there is a mature intelligence we are meant to develop once we see the futility of securing the universal human aspirations of happiness and joy and peace from the best ideas within immature intelligence?

Are we ready to live more joyous lives in concert with the Creator?

Do we realize that a “yes” to the above means we are interested in using our real free will to in a small microscopic way utilize the tzelem elokim and the real free will that Hashem gives us to emulate Him, to do a G-d-like act and rise above nature in order to be compassionate like He is? The tzelem elokim is a divinely rooted being that is far more powerful than our ego response, but it is up to us to use free will in its service.

We can build a penthouse to our mind, a place of emunah, where we may live with Hashem and from where we may view our lives through the opportunity to make this G-d-like effort. 

We can turn our eyes to Hashem and generate love for Him with awe in the design and tell Him that it is our will to return all the coarse material in the forces flowing through us to Him. 

We ask that He strip away the dross and restore the pure compassion animating the forces to us in a revealed form, a form where we feel His love and mercy so that we may reveal His love and mercy.

How far way do we feel from this effort?  What judgments, scorns, fears, angers, objections and more come to mind? Does it sound like wishful thinking?

If there are any, please take a moment to see if those forces are coming from having had a sad mad bad reaction to what was written above? Does it negate a belief that is working well?  If so, take a moment and suspend judgment long enough to consider…am I dismissing something that might actually be more valuable than the sophisticated approach I have developed to deal with these forces?  What do I have to lose by considering it?  I could always return to my way of dealing with it.

And here lies where we become personally connected, because we often have developed our identities based on our beliefs and patterns of handling life.  This is where ideologies can clash.

No one is interested in forcing one ideology onto another, and certainly not to anyone’s detriment.  We have real free will.  The question is, do we wish to expand our understanding to a truer place, a more joyous, more trustworthy place?  Is there an absolute truth?

Everyone is unique.  What is being discussed here is that falseness is not unique, and our souls that are made in Hashem’s image are prone to the messages of falseness without our realizing it because it is built into the subconscious mind.  The challenge is to expose areas of falseness and to lessen their influence on our choices, not to thrust an ideology against anyone’s will upon them. 

What we deem as common sense, our survival instincts, and more may contain something that could use an upgrade.

Inadequacy – we cannot be Hashem. Feeling inadequate in this way is the worst feeling, and it is what we want to avoid for all eternity by making G-d-like choices while alive. In all other areas, we may aspire and ask for Hashem’s help.

Individual will – we are free to choose as we please but not free to thrust our will upon others through hurtful judgments or actions. This includes anything that generates a feeling of inadequacy in another, since feeling inadequate is the root of personal pain.

Hashem’s will – to have a meaningful relationship with His creation, mankind, a being that can recognize and appreciate what Hashem has created in order to give us free will and the opportunity to live for eternity without feeling inadequate in relation to Him because we exercised real free will to rise above our nature and positively impact the world by reflecting His Compassion into our thoughts speech and deeds.

May we see the possibilities and ask Hashem to help us, that we may not know how, but that we are on board with truth enough to begin refining out our subconscious false beliefs.

Torah is our tree of life – and all its paths are peace
Building the vessel of our mind-heart with emunah and reflecting Hashem’s compassion

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