The soul Hashem gives us is pure – understanding our real free will to “go” with daas Torah or daas sitras achra

Please see the commentary on Parsha Shelach from the Ohr HaChaim, who describes how everything has an element of sanctity that can be reabsorbed. We create the magnet to do so by knowing Hashem is with us.

Parshas Shelach – Commentary from Ohr HaChaim – the land is good

Understanding this, it must be clear to the logical reasoning mind that Hashem is not going to be revealed in this world if we are utilizing the daas sitras achra.  This is an important thing to consider, because it is so built in to us that we do not realize that our best tools may be rooted in a hishtadlus based on daas sitras achra. 

Hashem’s Supervision of Man’s Behavior Rabbi Kessin

What are we relying on?

Are we aware that Hashem is with us? 

We are not relying on miracles nor suffering from wishful thinking IF we are generating heartfelt love for Hashem and awe in the design, intentionally relying on faith and trust that He is One and all loving.  We may not be in charge of outcomes, but the outcomes we see in this world are not what our life is for nor is it what our eternal life is based on.

When we know Hashem is One, that He loves us, and we make a vessel between our mind and our heart so that He may accept our daas as a place for Him to dwell, we have made the effort for which we have been created.

Trust in whatever the outcome brings.  Hashem is really real.  Hashem is really One.  Hashem is really all powerful.  It is the smartest, most logical thing to do to unify our soul in His service.  But truly, when we love Hashem, it is a simple avoda of a loving heart, with no thoughts about any reward or any calculations.

Hashem all we want is to see You, revealed, in this world.

Please accept my teshuva for falling over and over again into entertaining the suggestions of daas sitras achra.  Help me to notice it more and more quickly and to form this magnet mind to heart devotion to attract the sanctity You gift even the forces of darkness with.  Please may I merit to be the vessel to reveal that sanctity in the world in a positive expression of kiddush Hashem.

Following daas to reveal Hashem, not survival instincts laced with lies into the dark

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