Following daas to reveal Hashem, not survival instincts laced with lies into the dark

The tool to detect messages from our reptilian brain in our thinking is the empowering key that heals our mind and heart to place our holiness on the path to follow daas into revelation of Hashem’s compassion rather than lies onto the dark.

Whose survival is at stake?  What is the lie being whispered to the body that is causing so much pain, the judgment that is hurting so?

We are empowered to go beyond the reason and understanding of this natural thinking.  Push emotionally with positivity, with love for Hashem, with appreciation for the design of life –  from our hearts – to connect with Hashem, ein od milvado.

Ask Him to extract from the dark mixture (acknowledge that we know He does only good and that we understand that the root of every thought and emotion is Hashem’s compassion, although concealed) all the positive spiritual benefit. Know there is Hashem.  There is no other Power.  He is One.

Instead of thinking the thoughts that inflame the body (we are naturally afraid of snakes and reptiles, including the messages it internally generates from our reptilian brain intended for us to “strike” and bring damage into the world), observe them from the place of emitting positive concentrated heartfelt love and awe for Hashem.  We are being given opportunity to bring daas into a natural bond between consciousness and body, we are being given opportunity to release the body from following the messages of the reptilian brain into a destructive pattern.  We are being given an opportunity to restore inner calm simply by recognizing the truth that we are a creation and there is a Creator Who desires for us to have faith and trust that we are here to do His Will,  bring forth this coarse material to Him and receive in its place purified compassion without concealment.

Describe clearly all the emotional mixture, what happened, how we feel, what we are hearing in our inner dialogue that is paining us, the blocks that surface, the objections we have, our resistance to maintaining this heartfelt push of positive love and awe.

Feel empowered that our mind and heart, thinking of Hashem is One and pushing with a positive heartfelt concentration on the six constant mitzvahs (which emit as love and awe from the heart), to be the bridge describing the raw coarse material that contains high sparks of light we wish to absorb back into positive experience.

We ask to be a kli (vessel of mind and heart, unified) to feel and reveal Him. Our actions and speech bring the compassion released into the material, physical and spiritual world.

We understand a high part of the force within us is serving as a bridge.  We understand this awareness is something we will have for all eternity.

We heal the vulnerability of the body that flows as one with natural  reptilian brain survival instincts.


The mind and heart connection receives relief, through Hashem’s shifting all of the compassion to something we are able to feel as compassion. Because the body experiences the joy of being in Hashem’s hands, in serving Him, the body is no longer attracted to the look and feel of the natural survival instinct, of its painful messages filled with falsehoods. The circumstances come up again and again but the mind and heart are aligned with truth, which is simcha and joy. The force of the impact of natural survival instincts and messages from our reptilian brain dissipates, and weakens. 

We can choose to find our truer selves. It takes toil to discover our truer self. Listen to Rabbi Moshe Genuth speaking about Baal Shem Tov on Parsha Toldos , on digging wells.

The soul Hashem gives us is pure – understanding our real free will to “go” with daas Torah or daas sitras achra
We know nothing except Hashem is One and loves us and wants only good for us.
The first letters of guf and neshama spell gan – gan eden is up to us when we bring daas into the mix

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