Awareness – from consciousness and body to eternity

The comfortable feelings that we enjoy in life provide serenity, and serenity, being a form of peace, gives us time to think from a higher plane.  When our needs are met, when we are surviving well, we seek to go upwards in our goals. 

Those comfortable feelings come from food, shelter, clothing, love, and having our dependency needs met, such as for intimacy, social relations, and contributive activities and gainful employment.

If any of these are lacking, our sense of serenity is disturbed.

We feel a lack.

Turning to the material and physical world is the natural next step.  Our consciousness and our body work as a unit.  What binds consciousness and body are our education, our life experience, our values, and the training we received in our homes.  We trust these implicity. We rely on our knowledge.

Yet there is a lack.  And often, what we know is not enough to restore the serenity by our own hand.  We try. But there is still something missing, and now that we feel limited, we feel an added layer of pain.  We are not in control. We do not understand.  We feel we are suffering, that an injustice is happening.

The natural development of a person is for consciousness and body to feel like one unit, with our values boding them together.

We are putting our trust in that “self.”

When we have a challenge and we realize that we are not in control, Hashem is calling to us.  What does He want?

He has invested a great deal in us.  He is ready for us to realize that the faith and trust we have in that “self” needs an upgrade.

The emunah and bitachon that we have in that “self” need an upgrade to include Hashem in the picture.

With the very life force that Hashem grants us, we have built a “self” that does not necessarily rely on recognizing His constant contribution to it ….like everything.  Our life, our money, our health our circumstances.  Just because He gives us real free will to choose whether or not to fear Him does not change the reality that He is the Only Power and He is running the show.

What does Hashem want when we experience lack?

He wants us to use that lack as an opportunity to turn our eyes upwards, recognizing that our reason and understanding are not enough.  He wants us to actively seek to go beyond our reason and understanding to turn to Him and ask for His Help.  How deeply we go with that request matters.

We are not looking to rely on wishful thinking.  Prayer is far more than that.  We are looking to actually shift the emunah that we have in the “self” to emunah in Hashem that is returned to our heart.  We are looking to expand the “self” to something different from the consciousness and body bound together with values and beliefs we learned from life lessons.

The “self” we wish to become is a hearrtfelt one too – only one where our heart feels the awareness of that conscious and body unit and what binds it together with an added dimension.  The added dimension we seek with awareness is our ability to spiritualize the physicality of the “self.” We wish to exchange our trust in the values and beliefs we learn from life lessons for trust in  values and beliefs that are rooted in Torah, avoda, and chesed.

Only when we first have a natural sense of self can this work begin.  There must be a way for us first to comprehend what a ‘self” is.  We start off thinking it is a consciousness with body pairing.  That is natural.  We mature when we realize the “self” called awareness outlives the consciousness with body pairing that is our lifetime.  We comprehend the “self” we will be for all eternity by using free will to go beyond reason and understanding in order to beseech Hashem to help us bring His Compassion into our hearts so that we may reveal Him in this world.  Each breath we take to do this prayerful request, and each resulting action literally binds the energy we output to our eternal soul, giving the elements of our mortal existence an aliya, a way for our lifetime efforts to be eternalized for good.

We have so much to be grateful for.  Hashem gives us everything.  And he gives us real free will.  It is up to us.  Are we ready to comprehend the amazing opportunity that every second of life has to offer?  Do we understand what is making it possible for us to exist this very second?  Do we have a sense of gratitude for the  moment?  Are we blinded by the pleasures being bestowed upon us, seeking more according to our limited consciousness with body paradigm?  Or do we know how to grow our “self” to properly use this lifetime for both this life as well as for eternity?  And are we interested?  Hashem leaves that up to us; however, He tries to call to us, to help us awaken to a direction that we will find far more rewarding, even though we may not truly feel it this very moment.

Hashem does not give up on us.  He is constantly calling us to call Him.

We are totally in His Loving embrace at all times.  No matter what the challenge, we can fall back into His arms.  This is what we need to know to make it safe to challenge some of the mistaken principles in which we have placed our emunah.  He wants us to open our faith in limited beliefs to faith in Him.  He wants us to see that we are exalted spiritual beings that are here to reveal Him through our speech and deeds.  He wants to protect us from feeling like takers for all eternity, taking His Beneficence and claiming that our “self” accomplished it for ourselves through our “talents” and hishtadlus.

We are His Nation.  Our first love is to bring His Love into our hearts and into the world.  When this is very difficult we turn to Him.  We do not judge and make evaluations of why we need to retreat.  Instead, we form a vessel asking Him to help us reveal Him despite the circumstances.  How?  We do this by taking what we have placed our trust in that is based on a natural world, a limited existence, and falling into His Arms knowing He is all loving and will heal us and protect us.  Do not underestimate this.  Hashem really is all powerful, omniscient, and all loving.  Our role is to align our heart with His Truth and Love.  This means 100 percent. So there is always room to grow, because being like Him means embarking on an infinite path.  We cannot get there. But we can make an effort to try every moment to be with Him and like Him.

We cannot deviate lest His Kindness disappear from this world.  When Hashem hides, it is only for our own good, so we seek Him out.  When we corrupt that attribute with thinking we should “hide” our kindness from others, we had better be sure that we are relying on His Kindness in doing so and not in a limiting belief that is distorting what is comfortable for us to look like His Kindness that we deserve.  We are not entitled to anything.  We are here to “work” the land, spiritualizing physicality with heartfelt emunah that He may then use to run the creation according to the positive influence we emit.

If we have a struggle with someone, it is from Hashem and is intended for us to find what the limiting belief we have is, where we may be placing our emunah naturally.  He wants our emunah to be in Him.  When we change the flow of our thoughts in this regard and go beyond our reason and understanding, we heal our hearts, we heal our relationships, we spiritualize physicality, and we make a kiddush Hashem and a positive influence.  Alternatively we contribute to darkness and hurtfulness.

It is our choice.  All it takes is everything goodly but not G-dly that we falsely place our trust in, which is a small price to pay for eternity and simcha and redemption. And heaven help us if we attribute our false beliefs to Hashem as His attributes, for this is a blackout of light that leaves us struggling in the dark on our own.m heaven forbid.  Until we try to expand our “self’ and reinvest our emunah and bitachon in Hashem,  we have not given Hashem a chance. We have not taken the “self” given to us and brought it to maturity.   We are here in a corridor to reach eternity. We are given real free will to choose.  It is up to us.

Understanding the look and feel of the lower soul helps when it rebels to regain clarity and connection

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