We know nothing except Hashem is One and loves us and wants only good for us.

Miriam Esther Baver on how our choices impact the world spiritually

May any learning derived from this be a merit for the lost souls who died al kiddush Hashem in Pittsburg and for a refuah shelama for those struggling with injuries. 

Joyce Feinberg, 75

Richard Gottfried, 65

Rose Mallinger, 97

Jerry Rabinowitz, 66

Brothers Cecil, 59 and David Rosenthal, 54

Husband and wife Bernice, 84 and Sylvan Simon, 86

Daniel Stein, 71

Melvin Wax, 88

Irving Youngner, 69

May the Jewish people know no more sorrow and may Hashem please find a way to comfort  the families and the community from such a horrific, disturbing and unforgivable criminal act and atrocity. May the perpetrator be brought to judgment.  May the crying out in pain of all the Jewish people at this terrible event storm the heavens for redemption.

Please read the two chapters, one on nutrition and the other on neurology, found on torahscience.org at this link http://torahscience.org/TSF_TorahBioBook_Pilot2_Combo_051514_Mark.pdf. After reading these to really comprehend the Torah within the science, please think of somewhere in your own personal life where what is written below may be applied.

The scientific explanations based on Torah give great chizuk to help the animal soul let go of its natural reason and understanding because the explanations bring out how letting go is a better way to reach the goal of inner peace and simcha and meaning and eternal life. The chapters give new insights into the functionality of a person and our mission, showing a glimpse into how we really can see the route to generating positive influence we are built through our free will to choose over our reason and understanding. And thereby take the next step, to unify our will, with love and awe of Hashem, to do His Will knowing He loves us and only wants what is best for us for all eternity.  He is on our side.  It is up to us. May the light we unify within us and then reveal as compassion bring a new light to the world.

While reading this, observe “what negativity blocks me from feeling Hashem’s compassion?”    Try  with a personal unique block, something that feels dark that if it were to have that same impact on your life as a blessing would be tremendously appreciated. Let’s each return as much tohu-light to Hashem as we can so that we become vessels to receive and reveal a unified light. Let’s weaken the forces of darkness by drawing closer to Hashem, by giving voice and expression to the gift of a soul He gives us that is able to go beyond reason and understanding, a G-d-like attribute and effort.

Hashem is One.

Hashem loves us.

Hashem wants to give us the greatest pleasure, the pleasure of awareness of Him without the shame of the awareness that we are never able to be Hashem Himself, a Giver, that we are takers (bread of shame).

Hashem gives us real free will and a piece of Himself so that we have the opportunity to choose freely to reveal His Compassion.

That choice inoculates us from feeling like a taker in our awareness.

Hashem can go beyond the nature that He has designed.

When we choose in a confusing, painful moment to remember that Hashem is One, only does what is best for us and loves us, and we go beyond our natural human reasoning and understanding to concentrate our heart on the mitzvahs of loving Hashem and having awe in Hashem, we are activating the part of Hashem within us that is going beyond human nature. 

The presenting circumstances trigger within us strong emotions that obscure our feeling Hashem’s love and compassion.  Within that swirl of emotion is spiritual divine beneficence (tohu-light, from a high and holy place) hidden in a negatively experienced circumstance and thought chain (a broken vessel that cannot contain the true compassionate characteristic of the concealed light because the vessel that transmits it is broken).

Again, the spiritual divine beneficence is called tohu-light.  It is coming in a broken vessel, a vessel that has falseness in it and cannot hold and reveal its inner essence, compassion.

Love for Hashem and awe for Hashem, when generated in a heartfelt way, combine with our constant awareness that Hashem is One and only desires our best.  Our body accepts and acts upon this through these two mitzvahs.  Body and soul now become a proper vessel to re-organize the tohu-light and strip out the falsehoods.  The goal is to extract the “energy” from the coarseness.  The tohu-light is something our unique soul needs to complete its mission of unifying ourselves and Hashem’s Name.

The choice to love Hashem and have awe for Hashem regulate us spiritually so that we are able to form a stronger vessel and give voice and expression to the newly expanded understanding of the light as compassion we hold and feel.  We are able to use our existence to reveal Hashem.  This choice to love and have awe goes beyond human reason and understanding, and it shows sincerely that we understand Hashem is One and only does what is for our good.

Terrible tragedies and negative occurrences seem to contradict that Hashem is One and only does what is good for us.  Our human reactions cannot feel or see the good.  Yet our higher soul knows that everything is for the good.  How can we resolve this discrepancy and still be sensitive to the human side of the tragedy?

There is a function Hashem wants from us.

That function is to restore a balance in the world.

We are given the role of participating in the perfection of the world, of removing coarseness and falseness from the world by using all of our will to positively resolve the obvious conflicts within when we experience terrible occurrences. 

We are not truly aware of how powerfully the love and awe that we are capable of bringing from our heart into our speech and deeds affects the world.

Scientifically, we receive energy from food that the body stores as ATP.  When we need that energy, the body breaks it down and its energy runs our cells.

The makeup of ATP is carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen.  In the chapters on torahscience.org, http://torahscience.org/TSF_TorahBioBook_Pilot2_Combo_051514_Mark.pdf, the author explains that the atomic numbers of these atoms adds up to 22, just like the number of letters in the Hebrew aleph beis.

Our input of free will, love for Hashem and awe of Hashem when in an emotional turmoil positively influences the manner in which Hashem conducts the world.

Let’s take a closer look.

When a terrible confusion happens within us, the circumstances we are experiencing are not in our control.  We have no ability to control what happens any more than we have the ability to direct the sun in its path.  Yet we want to.  In what way is our will best expressed?

The animal soul, by itself, has no ability to understand or process overwhelming emotional challenges.  The body is given to us so that we may give voice and expression to Hashem’s compassion, emulating Him, after we unify our will to do so.  Unifying our will means mitigating the natural survival instincts and the fight or flight response of our neurology in favor of generating love and awe and returning the tohu-light to Hashem.  When our animal soul is on board with this, we form a vessel to feel and reveal Hashem’s compassion in an expanded way.

We can only do this within our own universe.  The challenges that each of us have in re-aligning are the teshuvas each of us need to do on the false trust we put in our own hand and in our own methods of trying to control things.  When we perceive and experience anything that disconnects us from feelimg Hashem’s constant loving presence, we have opportunity to do the amazing work of serving Hashem by going beyond that human reasoning and understanding and connecting back to Hashem is One, all Powerful, and has only our good in mind.

Imagine someone starts charging on your credit card.  You cancel the card.  When we consistently deviate in our free willed choices from going beyond reason and understanding towards Hashem is One, we are unwittingly giving our holiness to the forces of darkness, to the forces of nature. This does not mean we are “bad.”  It means we are on  path from growing from consciousness and body being one to consciousness being something in and of itself which the body then implements to reveal Hashem.

When we trust in Hashem, Who goes beyond nature, we ask that all of our “deposits” to the forces of nature be returned to the side of holiness AND that the tohu-light of the delivering circumstances be given to us as well.  We are then able to re-organize all the compassion and be more compassionate in our deeds.  We have expanded understanding, more truthful.  And more ability to shine light.

When we choose to be compassionate by loving Hashem and having awe of Hashem, we are emulating Hashem. The role of our body is then to implement His Will, Torah. This connects us to Him in a flow of compassion that makes it possible for Him to be seen in the world. Our ability to try to hold steady when faced with obvious challenges that naturally feel contradictory is a G-d-like act, a use of will that goes beyond nature.  Our effort is what matters.  Hashem wants our hearts to be on board with growing in awareness that we are here to help perfect the world through removing coarseness and fulfilling Torah.  We have zero ability to understand with our bodies and emotions the medium through which Hashem sends us opportunity.  We cannot make sense out of it in natural terms and consciousness. We are here to make an effort to trust in Hashem.

May we understand deeply how to do teshuva and why – that we are built to create this unity within our body and soul and with Hashem, may no one be tested with tragedy and may all those experiencing tragedy be helped, and that the effort to unify body and soul is a positive spiritual process Hashem has given to us in order for this world to be His Home.

Slovie Jungreiss Wolf Aish.com article on the massacre

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