When we see and accept we are “flashlights” we can choose to change our relationship with the material and physical world for the better

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Hashem loves us.  Understanding that we are a part of Hashem is easier if we remember that Chava was taken from Adom’s physical being, not created out of the dust like Adom.  In the same way, we are from Hashem and it is important to see this so that we comprehend intellectually that having emunah is not such a big leap.  If we can close the gap between our experience and Hashem loves us by understanding the setting, that we are part of Him, that is a huge help.

Hashem is One. 

Hashem gives us free will and gives us the sense of control and we end up listening to the apparent alternative built into our neurology that conceals Hashem’s presence.  Even that is a part of Hashem. It is given to us so we have real free will.

We are a flashlight.  We are not stuck in the world without Torah, without Hashem or with no light. But there is a lens over the flashlight.  And we do not realize that. 

What if someone was charging on your bank card, depleting your account.  Your husband tells you someone is depleting your account.  you would not say no just pay it.  You would call the bank and cancel the card.

When we have suffering, Hashem is telling us the cover over the flashlight is getting thicker and He wants the light we are in our essence to shine compassion into the dark.  Our holy soul is being stolen and Hashem is telling us cancel the credit card, stop doing that.  When we have a challenge and we know everything Hashem sends is for the good and we ask ourselves what is happening, thank you Hashem for this challenge, what is the opportunity here to reconnect to You what is lost or in danger of being lost…we can clean ourselves off.  Our relationship with the challenge changes.  We are empowered with expanded understanding of what to do, of what Hashem wants from us in the moment. 

We do the mitzvahs of love Hashem and having awe in and understanding the design.  We comprehend our empowered relationship with Hashem changes our relationship with the challenge and the natural world.  We realize we are being asked by Hashem to be a bridge to bring to Him, to return, all the spiritual material so that we may  shine it in a compassionate flow.

We can ask Hashem for the Soton’s credit card too….using the distilled energy from the challenge itself to cling more tightly and shine more brightly.

Please listen to the audio or video above. And below.

Bringing subjectivity to the objective truth of Hashem is One – a yearning to serve Him and cling to Him

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