Why we want to make every effort to build strong bitachon, a trust we desire that is nearest to our hearts.

When we use free will to speak to Hashem wanting to be close to Him, we are emulating the utterances of Hashem in building the world…we are doing the final borer of separating from a mixture of tov and ra His Compassion. Through our sincere words, He can be revealed because we nullify material and spiritual reality of chitzonios in favor of His Will, with emunah and bitachon.

The inner truth of everything is His Compassion.

When we are in darkness, and we embrace the opportunity to emulate Hashem by recognizing the inner tov to all and asking for its truth which is compassion to be seen, we are making a causative effort that emulates Hashem. The details of the matter might compel us to want to take what we feel is being lost.

By submitting, we are recognizing Hashem as all good. In this way we redeem the true compassion from its negative coarseness, releasing the holy sparks to return to pure compassion and revealing Hashem. We cannot take anything without Hashem’s help and using His Life force without first redeeming all the spiritual material does not accomplish what Hashem wants from us in the moment. HASHEM WANTS TO GIVE US THE ULTIMATE GOOD OF ETERNAL LIFE WITHOUT THE FEELING OF BEING A TAKER.

For making a causative effort with free will and speech, emulating Hashem, we are inoculated from the bread of shame because we selected the compassion from the coarse material through will.

THEN, because we made the causative effort,  we are given the opportunity to breathe with Hashem’s blessings, asking to direct the newly redeemed compassion towards the will we have for a blessing.

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