Breathing with Hashem’s Blessings – our choice

We so much want everything to go well in the natural world, for there to be health, peace, wealth, warmth, community and blessings.

Where does the “fuel” for those wishes come from and where does the construction come from?

We like to think that if we follow life through a goodly path that it will be provided.  Somehow.  This is simple faith.

What, though, if more fuel is needed?

What if our yearning for the world of nature to go smoothly is not being answered?

Where do we have a role to play?

Primarily our role is to realize that we have access to all the elements in nature, solid, liquid, gas and radioactive.  Adom is made last and from the ground and has dominion over all the creations in a way we need to understand better.

We have faith. But we lose it at times of pain or loss.  The first thing that happens is that moment of physical sensation where we realize something has gone wrong.  What happens next makes all the difference.

EITHER: In the natural sense, the will we have that thinks in accordance with reason and understanding begins to use our intellect and imagination to make judgments and assess blame and responsibility in order to determine where we should focus our attention to achieve a correction,

OR: In a spiritual sense the will we have to go beyond reason and understanding and turn to Hashem knowing He is One and everything He does is for the best leads us to cry out to Hashem and thank Him, asking that we be able to reveal His Love and Mercy in this matter. To do so, we want to feel His Love and Mercy. 

Clinging with emunah to the truth of His Oneness and recognizing how there is momentum within us towards the reason and understanding alone helps us reveal the barriers to going beyond reason and understanding. 

When we have trust in Hashem and know truly that we desire to go beyond reason and understanding, then we are willing to grind up the barriers composing the turmoil.  How?  We grind them up by telling Hashem that we do not want the barriers but we want their spiritual momentum for the positive expression of His Compassion.  We stick with that, asking for all the vitality to be restored to feeling the truth of Hashem’s compassion so that we may reveal it.  This reconnects us to the truth, to Hashem.

By our going beyond reason and understanding, we create a counterforce that brings blessing into the very situation that we found disconnecting.  This takes an effort that involves every ounce of solid, liquid, gas and radioactive elements within us, and thereby affects the whole world and spiritual worlds too.

No pressure!

May we see a new light.  May we dissolve the dross and keep its strength in a purified  way that brings holiness into the world.

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