Campaign for unity through devekus

Campaign for unity from devekus – the zuhama is confounding us. The yetzer hara is our only obstacle to overcome, not those who are also duped by it.

Class action suit against yetzer hara a.k.a soton a.k.a malach hamavos

Charge is the theft of the soul of adom harishon

Damages sought: return of all spiritual value.

Punitive damages: include  in what we receive the spiritual value of the yetzer hara itself, to be given to us purified, to restore the soul with bodily felt compassion in its pure form, in the same degree as the painful messages

To join the class action suit: submit your claim describing the false survival message along with a statement of will that you demand the spiritual value stolen be purified from the grips of darkness and returned to olam haba consciousness, in the amount of the strength of the pain experienced while kidnapped. Be specific about the pain so it can be redeemed.

We are appealing to Hashem so noticing and naming and asking for olam haba consciousness instead shows we want to return.
Submit your written specific

Our survival depends on h

Hashem. Where are we motivated to be mikatrich someone or ourself defensively? Look for the lie. Feel how much of our soul believes it. Write it down. Ask Hashem to redeem us by giving us the feeling of His Compassion so we may reveal that instead. Ask that we not grip the lie who is the daas sitra achra, that He help us let go of our belief in that wisdom and gives us the same strength belief in a compassionate response. Tell Hashem that by asking, we are doing teshuva on Adom’s sin and we ask for reconstituted olam haba consciousness in the world so Hashem can be revealed.

We want to sing with Hashem’s blessings not with the Soton’s accusations

Start by writing down the judgment.

Then notice why is it strong, what is my survival instinct telling me and write that

Now look at it and ask yourself if it is true. What is the exact thought the survival instinct is saying about the perceived  threat.

Two parts are untrue. Survival depends on Hashem, not being damaging

The thought it has you thinking is a coping mechanism or unrectified urge or sheker.

Now you have diagnosis. Yetzer hara.

And you have opportunity to be Gdlike and reconstitute olam haba

Describe to Hashem and say you don’t want.

Ask Hashem to please accept all the spiritual value and reconstitute it so you can feel His love and mercy. Tell Him you want to be a conduit for Him

Breathe ratzo vshov  knowing Hashem is right here. Shema is good too. But keep doing battle and asking and breathing until you feel an inner shift, a calmness.

Then see what compassionate response comes to mind. Thank Hashem
The main thing is to ask for a flow of compassion to heal  the place we cling to that is false and to restore us to our holy connection with him. “Let go of the reptile”

Pushing negativity off the cliff

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