Down with Zuhama – Up with Tzelem Elokim! Hashem help! We only want YOU

In 48 hours, the first day of creation for the year 5779 will be here.

What is it that we want the most for Hashem to know?

What gets in our way?

Here are some basic Torah thoughts to help us ask for a year of health, prosperity and redemption.

  1. The only inadequacy we have is that we cannot be Hashem Himself. All other feelings of inadequacy are fallen from that truth where they play out in the material and physical realm.  The good news is that if we properly recognize this truth, not only will we avoid shame in this world but we will be free of shame for all eternity for choosing to nullify the material and physical appearances in favor of abstract spiritual reality. However, the feeling of inadequacy is innate, the same feeling that caused Adom and Chava to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.  They felt a lack in not being able to be Hashem Himself.  To understand the pain of this shame, of this lack, one only has to observe young children who all want the same toy at the same time…not the same toy with two versions, but the exact one the other has.  and as adults, it is not different for us, only what we feel pain in not having is more credible – ample money, happy marriage, successful and healthy children, prestige, comforts and more.  We  have ample life challenges through which to empathize with  what Adom felt that caused the eating…and hopefully that will also lead us to empowerment to provide the repair, to recognize that Hashem is One, and that we are here to reveal His Truth and Compassion.
  2. The yetzer hara needs to draw life force off of our souls.  It has no direct way of receiving its survival.  It has become internalized due to the eating of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and has stolen our voice.  It speaks to us as if it is the real us.  It is purportedly trying to assure our survival.  However, it is really whispering to us what IT needs to survive, namely our thinking in its fashion so that our souls pour into its hands.  Here is how to detect our inner messages:  ask who is being protected by this message…is it the real essence, tzelem elokim or is it the survival of the yetzer hara?  Almost certainly, it is the latter.  Why?  Because our survival depends only on Hashem!!!!  The fire is strong.  But we are stronger because we have real free will to cry out and ask Hashem to save us from its firey deceptions.
  3. We have real free will.  When we choose to cry out because we see that we are tzelem elokim, seeking to feel Hashem and reveal Hashem’s light, Hashem helps us.  In so choosing, we bring the material and physical world to rectification, unifying Hashem’s Name, and creating a positive influence in the world.  We want.  Hashem does the rest.
  4. So how do we really want to serve Hashem when we hear whispers with our own life patterns and experiences pulling us, luring us towards material and physical goals that seem like what we want?  This is the topic for hisbodidus.  We have innate emunah.
  5. What is the piece of Torah that we need to help us take that first small step to transform our panic and fear regarding the painful deceitful shame-filled messages that we are afraid to look at?   That piece of Torah is given by Rabbi Mendel Kessin  in minutes 19 to 22 of his shiur on Rosh Hashana (see article below for link.)  He explains that Hashem creates this world for us to reconstitute olam haba, thereby using our free will to be G-dlike and remove forever the sense of inadequacy for being a creation who can never attain to being the Creator Himself.  We are here to pass the test that is presented by the evil whispers of the yetzer hara. This important understanding of Hashem’s design empowers us to reach for the truth and do whatever we need to in personal prayer to be able to get a handle on the inner despairing messages that are coming to be healed, whose koach is seeking reconnection to its Source Hashem, through our causative effort to ask Hashem to help us. Here is a suggested causative effort: every day, take 15 minutes to write down all the negative messges you are hearing from inside. while you are doing this be aware that you are standing in Hashem’s presence and using the vitality He gives you. feel love and awe for Him. tell Him this is what I feel and I don’t want it, please help me see it is not true. Keep writing down all the thoughts . this uses your speech center which is on your higher brain. that part will be able to spot the lies. and eventually, eventually you will know these messages are not truth.

May our will to find our emunah be enough to declare that it is our will to serve Hashem. And may we be inscribed and sealed in the book of life for a year of health, prosperity, and redemption.

What helps us hold onto Hashem in the moment?
Down with zuhama Up with tzelem elokim

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