Am I ready to crown Hashem King? Some thoughts on that…

Rabbi Kessin on Rosh Hashana
Minutes 19 to 27 that describe Hashem’s plan

Here are rough notes of the above.  It is important to understand Hashem’s design.  When we understand it, we are empowered to embrace the task of teshuva, of nullifying the physical and material appearance of the world.

Why does Hashem do anything?  You can encapsulate all the acts of Hashem in three rationales.  This is why Hashem does anything.  Fundamentally, what is going on in this world. 

What Hashem says is the following. I am going to create a reality which I will be revealed and I want people in that reality so they can experience that reality, olam haba. 

The future world is created first.  What is the essential nature of that reality?  Hashem is totally revealed. There is no concealment in that reality.

But Hashem – what he wants is to take that reality and change it, to a reality where He is concealed and He wants to place people in that reality, olam haze, where Hashem is not revealed, in a physical world that is a barrier to revealing Hashem.  And he says to the people you need to reconvert this reality into olam haba.  I want you to purify the physical and reverse it into olam haba. That is what He wants.  Hashem creates a reality, to change it to an incredibly inferior reality and to change it back to the original reality.  That is what the Jewish people are intended to do.  To retransform a physical reality back into a spiritual reality, the reality that Hashem created.  That is essentially what it is about.  Reality 1 he is present.  Reality 2 is he is concealed. Your job is to transform reality 2 to 1 and to the extent that you contribute to that, that is what you will experience in the world to come. That is tikkun, to rectify.  Hashem wants to rectify the existential state that became inferior and transform that back to olam haba.

The question is how do we do this?  We can do it by doing mitzvahs. By doing a mitzvah we testify to the will of Hashem and that Hashem is the only being that has a will and we conform to that will. That is absolute justice.

Besides that Hashem gave teshuva.  What happens if you make a mistake?  Then Hashem distances himself.  That means I also have a will and He distances himself from us, to the degree we think we are something. That is damage.  Distance.  Teshuva is I regret that testimony and now I testify that You are the only one. I take it back. Then Hashem allows us tor emove the damage with that.

So Hashem also has yesurim of suffering.  In and of itself it does tikkun because it removes the delusion that you are independent of Hashem and you get that Hashem is everything.  It reverses the whole process.

We understand that there is a situation, that mankind finds himseself. And we have to get out of the situation by reversing the world to olam haba.  We have to remove the barrier itself. There is no other way.  That is necessary to experience olam haba.

We do that through tikkun, mitzvhas, teshuva and suffering. That is the long and short of it, the whole plan

So this work of nullifying the physical and material world is something to embrace.  It is the topic of Daas Tevunas.

Rabbi Doniel Katz, in his Elevation Project, helps us with nullifying the appearance and our reactions to the physical world in his discussions on Daas and thinking and kelipot.

He teaches ( that our natural thinking is one thought entangled in another, thoughts that we dive into and thereby experience emotions and distress.  He teaches how to observe the thoughts and surround them with compassion, thereby acknowledging the thought but not investing attention in thinking the thought but rather only to noticing the thought, realizing if it is “kosher” and then choosing to walk past it out of love and awe in Hashem and a desire to serve Him, to stay connected with compassion and Hashem’s love and mercy, to heal and elevate what is captive in the thought rather than get drawn down into the level of the thought itself.

It is 12 days to Rosh Hashana.  It would be great if we truly understood how we slip past the observation of our thoughts into placing our attention into the thoughts that lead one to another and take us someplace other than toward nullifying the physical and material world.

Where is our thinking?  Are we so glad with our accomplishments within the physical and material world that we don’t see the benefit of doing teshuva on this, of seeing that there is distance between Hashem and us that He permits but it is not to our advantage?  Are we ready to crown Hashem King?

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