Sources from Ki Teitze and an example using the spreadsheet of walk through questions


The Ohr HaChaim on Ki Teitze says, in part:

The reason the Torah says the plural form of isha, woman,  … is to alert us that the subject is man’s soul, the one that is inseparable from the body.

The nachash does not exert any influence on a soul until it has descended and inhabits a body.  He is only able to take it into captivity once it has become inseparable from the body.

This nefesh is called isha, a woman, … the soul is intrinsically very beautiful indeed, and it has only disheveled herself by means of the sins committed by the body it inhabits.

Please listen to this 17 minute explanation that I made, integrating and empowering all of us to properly understand and act upon  “If I am not for me, who shall be for me?”  The “me” is our awareness of the design of Creation, including not only Hashem’s desire to give us the perfect pleasure, but also the amazing truth of our ability to make a G’d-like causative effort.    Please listen:

Here is an example using the needs chart:

Here is the example above according to the chart on the spreadsheet questions below:

The example is a need for safety, for help when sick or injured, for natural need for protection

The concern is.. if I do not have attention to my vulnerability, then I am abandoned and those who should be there are falling down on the job and/or don’t care.

My natural response a la yetzer hara is that I should pout and feel rejected and unlovable.

When i ask if that is true, when i strive for truth, the thought is that just because someone is not making a fuss does not mean they are being inattentive or uncaring. they could be afraid, confused, or thrown for a loop or having a panic attack of their own.

Am I really unsafe?

Why, if the message is that I need safety and am not getting it, am I hearing from this yetzer hara who is trying to be my life coach messages about myself or another that are not true and in themselves cause me to panic and feel upset aside from the situation? how does that help me calm down from the actual challenge?

How else might I calm myself down?

What is this challenge for? Why is this judgment being sent to me by Hashem and what is my opportunity to be like Him?

Hashem is sending me the consequence of an aveira that i did teshuva on, and this is part of the teshuva, some yesurim, that is part of the teshuva.

thank you Hashem safety comes from Hashem alone. He will provide me with the inner wisdom, or outside help, if needed.

Here is more explanation from me:

Here are two excerpts from 15th of Elul, by HaRav Yitzchok Berkowits published in Why We Tremble.

Again here is the blank spreadsheet showing steps to follow

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