A few points to keep in mind as a guide through the personal prayer

The above media clip is a translation from the Derech of Rabbi Asher Freund and has been added because of the topic – that our survival and intelligence are dependent upon Hashem alone.

Important points of truth to keep in mind:

  1. The lower brain, the limbic system, when it feels a lack and is sad feels frustration/anger/fear and immediately has a survival instinct to discharge a “self-protective” act to protect us. Anyone who observes toddlers understands how sad mad bad is instantaneous.  It is important to understand this about our physiology so that we do not fall into the grips of the illusions the yetzer hara shows us to keep us in the “bad” frame of mind, judging, demonizing, fretting, worrying, screaming, hurting, fighting, etc.
  2. The root of feeling lack in the first place originates in the true reality that we are not Hashem and wish we could be Hashem. The awareness that we are created beings and not the Creator means that no matter how good we are, we simply are unable to attain the level of lovingkindness and giving of the Creator.
  3. Awareness of why we feel lack in relation to the material and physical world – the understanding that all lack we feel materially, physically, or emotionally is “hijacked” awareness from realizing we are a creation and not the Creator – helps us to take a step back immediately when we have a strong negative emotion IF we have strong emunah in Hashem. Emunah is the muscle that enables our awareness to help us pause our “sad mad bad” reaction BEFORE we act upon it.
  4. From that place of emunah, we are able to recognize the opportunity we have to truly heal the feeling of lack not only in its “hijacked” condition in our unique personal universe within our material and physical existence, but truly for all eternity. The key is to trust that everything we feel that is negative has something false within it because everything Hashem creates is good, and therefore there is a false interpretation or belief that is the outcome of one of our flaws or erroneous patterns or sins that we are experiencing AND IT IS COMING TO BE HEALED.
  5. The opportunity is NOW. Thank you Hashem!

Hashem, I have an interpretation or belief or a past failure or aveira or false belief that is generating a feeling of sadness and I do not want it or any of its outcomes and I especially do not wish to act upon it or cause damage in any way.  However, it is pervasive within my thoughts right now and feels as though my very survival depends upon my taking an action that might be damaging.

I need Your help. It is my will that all of the positive spiritual energy from within my errors, aveiras, false beliefs and more be returned to their true purpose, to reveal Your Love and Mercy.

To reveal Your love and mercy I ask to feel Your Love and Mercy. 

I love You Hashem, and I recognize the design – the shame that falls into images that the yetzer hara shows of others who have more (jealousy), of what I want and don’t have (desires) and of craving for recognition and honor (kavod) along with the “good” advice it offers to help me restore my “image” in whatever way it feels is necessary as if success is up to me – and I do not want it. I don’t want the feelings, I don’t want to follow that path, and I don’t want any of the “pleasures” that it is suggesting I reach for.

If I am to have these material and physical pleasures, I know it would be a gift from You, that I cannot take it for myself. All I want is to take this opportunity to turn all my heart and all my soul and all my might to reveal You in the very place where I feel the darkness right now.  Please help me feel Your love and mercy so that I may reveal it. 

I am crying out to You from within the feeling of loving Hashem and having awe in the design and pleading with You to please accept this love and awe and bring along with the love and awe all the spiritual positive energy otherwise animating the pain. Please give all the spiritual energy back to me in a way that I feel Your love and mercy.

Please may the strength of the pain turn into strength of feeling Your love and mercy.

Please may my heart shift and bow to You so that I am unified, body and soul, to reveal Your love and mercy as I wish to. 

I seek within my personal unique universe to be like You Hashem, to reveal the characteristics of the tzelem elokim that is made in Your image as my image of choice. 

If there are matters that come to mind for which teshuva is required (finding and admitting these are truly how the healing comes), confess them here, such as bearing a grudge, hating someone in our hearts, being haughty, being greedy, lustful, etc…

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