Rabbi Tzadok Cable – Understanding being made in His Image and how our prayer is truly powerful

These important new chaburas are highly recommended, especially to prepare for the High Holidays.  Rav Cable, www.thebinahtree.com, articulates  Torah concepts regarding living as tzelem elokim and avodas Hashem in a clear and empowering way.  Listening quiets and expands us.

We are made in His Image and can reveal Him in this world.  It is up to us. We can bring the return of everything to it proper order.

My takeaways from these classes:
The absolute essence of everything is compassion.
We are not obligated to the level of chassidus that Tomer Devorah tells us BUT when we experience the strong emotions within human nature, even though we are not obligated, instead of reacting in a normal way (that is not an aveira), we have free will to have compassion upon the Shechina that is trapped within our natural reaction and INSTEAD, out of love for Hashem, choose to do more as explained by Torah is within our reach – we can choose to be like Hashem and emulate Hashem.
That choice, to be compassionate as Hashem is compassionate, is what Rabbi Kessin says is our opportunity to be causative like Hashem in creating – and that act of being like Hashem, choosing in a causative way through free will and prayerful speech –  inoculates us from having to experience the bread of shame for all eternity. The use of free will to cry out and ask Hashem to help us conduct ourselves in His Image and not according to our natural blocks is an effort that in that moment is like Hashem.  We create our personal eternal identity.  We define ourselves within our unique personal infinite universe. And thus, we have a real opportunity to be like G-d within our microcosmically small consciousness and personal universe, which saves us from feeling ashamed that we are a created being.  We will have had the experience of being a creator of our identity.  And that is the whole point.  To do so, we are rising above what blocks us, correcting our middos, aligning our identity to tzelem elokim.  This is our entire purpose.
To make this effort takes love for Hashem.  Whether we realize it or not, if we have internalized the desire to make this effort, it is because the Torah regarding this matter that we have learned has become integrated in our hearts due to our having chosen to perform the mitzvahs of loving Hashem and recognizing the design of the world over a period of time, and that love and awe have affected our knowledge. Our imagination is connected to Torah and Hashem.  Love and awe have “sunk in”.  Thus, although integrated which means that it is in our expanded consciousness, making the effort includes the reality of our performing the mitzvah of loving Hashem, ,with all our hearts, with all our soul, and with all our might.  It is these mitzvahs that continue to provide the vessel through which we are able to reveal more and more of Hashem’s compassion.
Love increases the hormone oxitopol, which turns off our stress hormone.
When we cry out and cling to shivisi Hashem lneged tamid (see Lights of Emunah series) , Shema or another pasuk, we are exercising compassion and not survival instincts.
We are Divine beings with the opportunity of a lifetime (pun intended) to articulate from a place of love where we desire to feel Hashem’s love and mercy, so that we may reveal love and mercy.  
We choose for our personal infinite unique universe to be like Hashem.  The strength from our natural reactions can turn around and become the strength that draws Hashem’s compassion into our hearts, speech and deeds.
And that then generates light into the elements as well as creates an eternal identity for us. 
The roots of a person are in the soul that is made in Hashem’s image.  The imagination of a person is naturally drawn to the wisdom based within the confusion that resulted from having eaten from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. What is that confusion?  That confusion is that we are able to do something on our own.  The only thing we have real free will to choose on our own is whether or not we have awe in the design of the world and act accordingly. When we will anything, it is carried out by virtue of Hashem’s strength, not ours.  But when we love Hashem and will to follow the design and purpose according to Torah, we are using that real free will – a causative effort – to define ourselves as a being in His Image that is loyal to that image and desirous of devoting all our hearts, all our soul and all our might to revealing His Compassion. 
The question is what blocks us?  These blocks come up over and over again.  Our role is one of run and return, processing our free will each opportunity.  It is the process that brings light to the world.  What goes wrong is that the downward pulls bring stormy feelings that generate false impressions about us, about Hashem, about life, and about the world. The more we are able to remember that all emotional blocks are feelings of inadequacy about our flaws, the more we embrace the real opportunity to “turn the tables” on the strength of those emotions so that the strength becomes the energy with which we cling loyally to Hashem and our choosing to emulate Him.  Doing so brings healing into our hearts and that opens a flow of truth and beauty to flow through our speech and deeds.



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