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Over the weekend, I posted shiurim from Rabbi Mendel Kessin and from Rabbanit K. Sarah Cohen.  It may be helpful to listen to those shiurim before reading this blog post, as this post incorporates insights from those shiurim. Previously, I posted what Rabbi Chaim Vital teaches in Shaare Kedusha about our actual spiritual construct.  It appears again below because understanding this spiritual science contributes to the reason that I used the emotional freedom technique.  Once the spiritual science is understood, and we see that we truly in our essence are NOT our negativity or coping mechanisms, then stripping it away or somehow moving through and past it becomes just a normal step in regaining our ability to make Kiddush Hashem in the moment.

Here is the segment from Shaare Kedusha:

It is known to men of understanding, the body of a man is not the man himself. Rather the body is called the “flesh” of the man, as it is written “Skin and flesh You have clothed me, and with bones and sinews You have covered me” .(Job 10:11 which implies the flesh, etc. is just a garment) It is also written “on the flesh of a man, do not annoint” (Shemos 30:32, which implies the body is just the “flesh of a man”, but not the man himself).

So, the man is the inner part. But the body is a kind of garment which the intellectual soul wears (this will be explained later), and it is the man himself. After death, the intellectual soul sheds the garment of the body and wears a different spiritual garment in its place, It is thus written, “Remove the soiled garments… and you shall be clothed in fine robes” (Zachariah 3:4), [these “fine robes”] are called the “Rabbinical cloak” (“chaluka d’rabbanan” in Arameic).

Just like for the garment of a person’s body, the tailor will make it in the form of the body, so too the Holy One blessed-be-He made the body, which is the garment of the soul, in the form of the soul – with 248 limbs and 365 “gidim” (arteries/sinews/veins) the latter serve to hold together the body and to circulate the blood and the life-force from limb to limb in the form of tubes.

After the formation of the [physical] body, He blew into it, the soul of life which includes 248 spiritual limbs and 365 spiritual gidim which wear the corresponding 248 limbs and 365 gidim of the body. In this way, the soul’s limbs perform their work through the tools, which are the body’s limbs, like a hammer in the hand of a craftsman. The proof of this is that the limbs of the body can perform deeds only as long as the soul is inside it, the eye sees, and the ears hear, etc. but when the [intellectual] soul leaves the body (such as during sleep. This is why dreams are mostly nonsense), the eye sight stops and all the other senses of the 248 limbs become annulled (i.e. the person is not properly aware of touch, etc. in his limbs).

In a similar manner, the 365 spiritual gidim of the soul wear the 365 physical gidim of the body which circulate the food of the body, namely the blood, along with the inner, spiritual food inside it to sustain the 248 spiritual limbs of the soul. (i.e. the physical blood carries both the physical food for the body and the spiritual food for the soul.) After death, there is no more life force [to the body] and the body’s gidim dismantle, decay and disappear just like its 248 limbs and it is as if they never existed.

Hence, the man himself is only the “intellectual soul” which enters and wears the body, which is considered its garment in this world.

And know that after the sin of Adam harishon (the first man), which was eating from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, his soul and body also [along with all the worlds] became mixed, each one with good and evil. This is the zuhamas hanachash (the impurity the snake) injected in Chava (Eve) and in Adam, and through the evil and the impurity which he injected in them, he caused them sicknesses, afflictions, and death for their soul and body. And this is what is written “on the day you will eat from it, die you will die. (Bereishis 2:17)” [the hebrew word for death is repeated to indicate] death of the soul and death of the body.

We will clarify what is this matter of good and evil which was mixed in them. Examine what we wrote later on in Part 3 Gates 2 and 3 and you will understand what we are writing in this gate (highly recommended, starting from Part 3 Gate 1).

Behold, when he sinned with the tree of knowledge of good and evil, he caused this mixing in all of the worlds and there is nothing which does not contain good and evil.

Therefore, the body of a man which is formed from the 4 lower foundations, behold they contain good and evil. And the body of a man is formed from the good of the 4 foundations – earth, water, wind, and fire.

(which are representatives of the 4 energy states; solid, liquid, gas, and raw energy – R.David Bitton. Modern science has combined them with E=mc2, but as we’ll see the different spiritual powers require them to be separately categorized.

note that the underlying reality is not atoms and subatomic particles, but life. Life is the underlying reality. It is manifest to different degrees in this world, namely, four degrees as will be explained.
However from the evil of them (the physical of the 4 elements,) were formed [in the body] 4 Maros (bitter substances, biles,) which are – white, black, red, and green. And when in any one of these [Maros], the evil in it strengthens over the good in it, sicknesses and afflictions come on a man (weakness, disease through deterioration of the immune system, cancer or the like, G-d forbid). And if it strengthens itself greatly it will kill the body of the man.

We have explained that in all the worlds there was a mixing of good and evil. Therefore in the soul of man also is so since it was hewn from the 4 spiritual foundations from which were formed all the supernal and they are the 4 letters of the name YHVH, blessed be He. On this it is written “Come from the four directions, O Spirit,…” (Yechezkel 37:9, in the resurrection of the dead prophecy there) And this is the soul of man itself from the side of good. And behold “also this corresponding to this G-d made”, (i.e. there is a corresponding opposing soul of evil) and it is called “Adam beliyal” (evil, corrupt man), which is composed of the 4 fathers of damages, and the 4 types of negaim (afflictions), from the 4 foundations of evil. And from there is drawn the evil soul of man which is called the “yetzer hara” (evil inclination). And when this soul becomes stronger than the good soul, there will come on it damages, and afflictions, and sicknesses of the soul (ex:bad character traits). And if it strengthens greatly, it will kill him (the good soul).

Behold, the holy soul which is [akin to] the “fruit” and is composed of 613 limbs and gidim (248 limbs+365 gidim=613), wears the 613 limbs and gidim of the evil soul which is called the “shell of the fruit”, and both of them together wear the 613 limbs and gidim of the body. Hence, the limbs of the holy soul are inside the limbs of the evil soul, and the limbs of the evil soul are inside the limbs of the body. And behold, each of these 2 spiritual souls need spiritual food to exist. However the food for the holy soul is drawn to it through fulfilling the torah which includes 613 mitzvot similar to the 613 limbs of the soul, and the torah is called “bread” as is written “come and eat of my bread” (Mishlei 9:5). And each limb of the 248 get its food from a specific mitzva which corresponds to that limb. And when a man lacks the fulfillment of a mitzva, then this specific limb which corresponds to that mitzva will lack its food which is drawn from the 4 letter name of G-d, as is written “and You give life to all of them” (Nechemia 9:6), and in them depend all the mitzvot as our Sages said, “Yud-Heh Im Shemi=365, Vuv-Heh Im Zichri=248 (from Hakdamas Hatikunim).

And likewise from them (the 4 letter name of G-d) are drawn the 4 roots of the foundations of the holy soul as mentioned earlier. We find therefore that this specific limb dies completely. And when the holiness leaves it, then it will wear inside it the impure spirit from the 4 foundations of the evil soul as hinted by our Sages “Tzur did not become full except from the destruction of Jerusalem”, therefore this limb now feeds on impure, abominable bread from there.



Rabbi Kessin explains clearly the purpose of the suffering and challenges that we have.  While we do not have autonomous independent existence, having real free will so is so that we may exercise a G-dlike attribute of creating our eternal identity – and that identity, if we use free will to serve Hashem, will be one that is absent the bread of shame.  Why should we care about this is something he goes into in depth, but he explains that angels who do not have free will are aware that they are not Hashem and that it is painful.  Perhaps we can comprehend this pain from watching how our toddlers fight over the same toy.  It is innate within being a creation to want to be like the Creator.  Thus with free will, when we serve Hashem in the moment and cling to His attributes of mercy over our natural reactions, we are creating an identity for ourselves for all eternity where we will know that, in our lives having chosen to be like Hashem when we had a natural alternative, that bread of shame will be absent.  Thus, we truly have real free will and our challenges are meaningful and offer us the most incredible opportunity of all the creations.


Likewise, Rabbanit K. Sarah Cohen explains how we can’t “take a powder” on this because all the souls that ever lived were there in Adom when he ate.  The consequence of eating from the knowledge of the tree of good and evil is that our identity has been confused by being intermingled with the knowledge of the daas of the nachas.  The chochma of the Torah is there specifically for us to redeem our intellectual understandings so that we may, indeed, reveal Hashem’s love and mercy as Hashem has intended. No one is exempt.

Rabbi Nachman, speaking about meditation, teaches:

One can make a conversation and prayer out of this itself. He should cry out to God that he is so far from Him that he cannot even speak. He should beg that God grant him mercy and open his mouth, so that he will be able to express himself before Him.


Many great holy men have related that they reached their high spiritual level only through this practice. An intelligent person will realize that with this practice one can constantly reach higher and higher. Furthermore, it is a universal practice that can be used by great and small alike. Every individual can make use of this practice, and reach the highest levels. Happy is he who grasps it.

I have added EFT -emotion freeing technique-  to the dynamic prayer and breathing process that I speak about on this blog. EFT is also known as tapping. See for an example of it in the secular world, which is designed to quiet survival instincts so as to feel safe again. The dynamic prayer process below borrows the format to help with the recognition and release of our survival instincts so that we may do the spiritual maturing we desire, which is to emulate Hashem, rememberibg our intrinsic worth ad made in His Image as the essential identity we have free will to choose  It seems to shorten the time in processing the survival instinct’s fight or flight response and help get in touch with more feelings thay might be blocking us during  the dynamic process of breathing and speaking it out loud to Hashem.

Realizing that we do not have autonomous independent existence to do anything but that we have real free will to make the choice to create our eternal identity, the dynamic process becomes quite attractive and the expected outcome of clarity does not seem as miraculous as just thinking Hashem is answering my prayers, but rather more like a cause and effect that Hashem has put into the world for us to make good use of.

The most important realization is that we need an effective way to transform the  radio station blaring messages in our unconscious into a willing transmitter that reveals His Love and Mercy. Without utilizing the cause and effect mechanism Hashem creates for us by giving us real free will and the creative power of speech, the wisdom of Torah to help us re-orient our imagination towards Torah and emunah and bitachon would otherwise not reach our hearts. Our base survival instincts naturally prevail because of a lack of awareness of this deep cause and effect G-d given power built into the creation so that we may ,instead of remaining animaliztic by instinct, choose an identity made in His Image.

Before adding in EFT, please understand thoroughly the dynamic prayer process explained in full here: and


Dynamic Prayer

See and understand first: and The effective part of the prayer IS the beseeching of Hashem to please save us from the contraction that is causing us the pain by asking that the energetic force within that contraction feel Hashem’s love and mercy because He is One (shema) and then, clinging to His Love and Mercy as the inner penimius of everything, breathing with love of Hashem and understanding of the design over that constriction until we feel a shift.

Adding EFT is designed to shorten the breathing time by moving the emotions through with breathing enhanced by the tapping.  Here is how i tried out a dynamic process this weekend. The insights that i got are that our interpretations can fall off our neshama and we are able to restore loving communication and social exchange.

Primarily feeling the negativity, begin tapping and say

Even though I am feeling…….I love you Hashem and understand the design. I know my identity is made in Your Image but I am not feeling Your love and mercy. I love You Hashem and I have awe in the design,

I feel…. and I feel…

Go through the meridian points one at a time,  saying out and tapping on a different feeling as you move through the meridian points. Go into as much detail as you can…put as many  negative feelings  – “passengers on the bus to re-connection” – as possible


While the pain is still felt somewhere in the body, continue tapping, feeling the pain as well as feeling love for Hashem and with understanding of the design:

Even though I feel……I love You Hashem and understand the design and ask that the holy spiritual energy that is trapped in these feelings feel your Love and Mercy so that I may reveal Your love and mercy instead of expressing these painful feelings.

Go through the meridian points one at a time,  saying out the strongest feelings felt at each meridian point.  By the time you have gone from one hand across the body to the other hand, a sense of the way the animal soul is feeling should be understood empathetically with a perspective from the higher soul seeing it as having functioned according to the spiritual science described above (the kelipa, the covering over the holy soul) that is now opening up to accepting the task of revealing the holy soul, the true self that is made in Hashem’s image, our inner penimius.


Then go through again  holding  love for Hashem and understanding the design –

I am made in Your Image

There is no other Power

I am part of the absolute Oneness that is lovingkindness

with my prayerfulness, and with the love for You and my awe in the design, i wish to inter-include the inner part of all that I am feeling with that Oneness

I feel safe and protected

Go through the meridian points one at a time,  saying out each of these statements that stem from the six constant mitzvahs


Emunah Zoom


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