Rabbanit K. Sarah Cohen – The 21 Days of Peace


Please listen to this thorough and exquisite explanation of the time we are in and what we are each empowered to do and why it is so important.

I hope you enjoy this magnificent shiur as much as I did…it is truly special and shows us how we are special and important, vital and crucial.

Below is from www.ayproject.com Lesson 1

HaShem explicitly commands us to “Love your neighbor as yourself”, or V’Ahavta L’Ray’acha Kamocha.  But how can we be commanded to have an emotion such as love?  Either we love or we don’t.  If HaShem created us and commands us to love our neighbor, then we must be capable of doing so.  We just have to understand how to feel this love and express it consistently.

We are also commanded to cultivate a bond with the entire Jewish people.  The Talmud (Shavuos 39a) says “Kol Yisrael araivim ze la’ze,” meaning that every Jew is responsible one for another.  HaShem concerns Himself not only with how we serve Him, but how we treat each other as well.

Now that we know that we are capable of loving every Jew, lets focus on the laws that help us become more loving and compassionate.

These laws are:

  • Speak well of your fellow Jew.
  • Respect your fellow Jew by giving validation, acknowledgement and appreciation.
  • Care about his/her material and physical needs.
  • Make amends for past transgressions.


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