Rabbi Nivin Constant G-d Connection chabura forming – why I recommend it

I have spent my life trying to get healthy. From not even realizing I was so off when young through to now, the insight is that spiritual work and benefit begins when we go into that dark place – the work of fixing from the eating of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Thus, even though we are suffering, and even if we are suffering by means of a subjective reality that is unreal in time and space, there is meaning and purpose because when we get ourselves out of it according to the way of Torah, we have created something that helps with the fixing – the unifying of Hashem’s Name, and the production of light that hopefully will bring on the dawn of redemption.


I highly recommend Rabbi Nivin’s newly forming personal development chabura

Constant G-d Connection

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Many of you have heard deep Emunah concepts before. So what makes the learning in this Chabura different from all of the other learning you have done?

Often we learn deep ideas in Emuna, we are inspired and uplifted momentarily, and yet we struggle to sustain the ideas in our day to day life.

In the Constant G-d Connection Chabura we want to take profound Emunah ideas, to a whole new level of integration.

Through new ideas, workshops, and community support, we want to finally master how to translate these crucial concepts into our daily schedule

We invite you to embark on a journey with a dedicated group of women who are searching for the answers to these questions in a direct way without compromise.

This is a Chabura for people who are yearning to live with G-d at the highest level and for people who don’t want to hold themselves back.

The Chabura* will meet on Wednesdays at 10 am ET / 5 pm IT starting July 4th for 12 classes.

Price: The registration fee is $75 per month for three months.
Early Bird Special: If you register by midnight Wed. June 27th the price is $55 per month for three months.

If you would like to join this Chabura or have further questions, please click here or contact Miriam Shwedel at newchabura2@gmail.com. In the USA call Mrs. Robin Meyerson at 602-469-1606.

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