A recommendation of what to guide us in personal prayer when we feel distress and negative

The pain itself, the energetic part of the experience, is actually our soul. The memories are being animated by the soul clinging to them.

We can notice our soul and understand it is powerful and separate from the memory.  We are able with that understanding to beckon to our  soul.

Why cling to that?

Come with me.

You can radiate love and mercy.

Come to Hashem’s outpouring of love and mercy. Come come.

While beckoning to the powerful animating part of the painful thought, feel love for Hashem. Ask the animating part, do you see His design? Is it not amazing? Come and trust Hashem so you may shine love and mercy and not this negative memory or image.

Hashem because i love You and recognize the design and because i yearn to feel Your love and mercy so that my soul may reveal that love and mercy, please have mercy on me so that i may fulfill Your vision and will and not express my natural fears and false beliefs.

Rashash -Rabbi Shalom Sharabi http://koshertorah.com/PDF/Kavanot-Shaharit.pdf

Rabbi Haim expounds on Sefer Etz Haim  that when the original light shined below into the realm of the primordial vessels, these vessels were not properly aligned to receive this great light. When the light entered the unprepared vessels, the vessels shattered and their pieces “fell” into the lower realms (which would only come into manifestation later). This was the creation of darkness. When the vessels broke, the primordial light returned above to its source in the supernal worlds above. Yet, there were sparks of the light that were entrapped in the shattered vessels and fell along with them into the lower realms. Thus light became entrapped in darkness. G-d’s great purpose in creating mankind was for us to be His agents and to sift out the fallen sparks of light from among the shattered vessels. Mankind’s original purpose was to thus continue the work of creation by separating the light from the darkness that encased it. As G-d originally created the light and brought it out of darkness, so must we, mankind, follow suit.

To accomplish this task, mankind was created, first as a single spiritual being (Adam HaRishon) with collective, universal consciousness. Adam’s purpose was to “tend to the garden”. This is the Biblical metaphor used to describe our function as gatherers of the encased light. Yet as we see by the presence of the serpent in the Garden, not everything in Eden was pure and kosher. The serpent was the embodiment of the fallen vessels. He opposed the work of man because the fallen vessels only maintain their lives through the amount of light that they have within them that fell with them below.

In order to sustain their lives the forces of darkness need more light. Rather than allow mankind to re-gather the light and thus restore the primordial pattern, the serpent, as the agent of evil, desired more light so as to grow stronger. He accomplished this by stealing Adam’s light.

This is what the Bible refers to as the Fall. We are still picking up the pieces of this

second Fall to this day. The serpent confused Eve and then Adam into eating of the metaphorical “Tree of Knowledge, Good and Evil”. The Kabbalists make it quite clear that this was no mere physical tree. Thus it is a waste of time to debate whether the forbidden fruit was an apple, grape or fig. It was none of these. Indeed the forbidden fruit was not even

physical. As the name of the Tree implies, the forbidden fruit was knowledge, itself.

For what more than human intellect has brought our race to the highest heights and

what more than the lack of intellect has brought our race to the lowest lows. Knowledge or the lack thereof, is indeed good and evil.

By entrapping our minds, the serpent stole the light of our intellects. Pure thought is always called enlightenment, from the word “light”. The connection between spiritual fulfillment and light is thus clearly evident even in the English words. Light is life and light is Mind. Mind brings us closer to G-d.

Thus the pure mind is called the Neshama level of the soul, the true and Higher Self. It is this level of our beings that the serpent detached us from so that he could benefit from its abundant light and not us. So as long as we as a race remain ignorant of our

true Selves, our true purpose and our true nature, we continue feeding the serpent his meal of the light of our souls.


Emunah Zoom

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