The compassion within our soul is “pure oil” squeezed out as we bitul and reconnect to Hashem’s Love and Mercy

When it comes to countering the natural pulls of our automatic negative thinking, it may be helpful to see the “spiritual science” behind what is actually happening.  Because what we feel seems to real to us even though it is often false, it is really scary to go against what we feel. Not only that, but we think we are “not getting what we want,” even though if we truly understood that the object of our desire is not even good for us nor is it truly the product of our free will.

If what we feel we want is not truly what we want, then what is it?  This is where spiritual science helps so much.  By understanding more and more about the design through which we come to have a lifetime, we are able to have more determination and exercise our real free will in order to reach goals that truly are what our absolute essence desires.  We can have lives that are meaningful and pleasant as a result, even though we may hit certain times when the downward pulls operating feel overwhelming.  With spiritual science in mind, that understanding helps us navigate through.


So let’s take a closer look.


Our brain and body are an interface that give the soul an opportunity in time and space to have hands, feet and a mouth with which to take actions and speak.  We have an ability to participate in creation.


Yet within our natural makeup is also the possibility for our soul to get drawn into the goals of darkness.  In fact, we are naturally bonded with the thinking that we have to “make it” within nature and that our prowess and power to accomplish by our own hand is meaningful.  Yet we all see that there is emptiness there.  It is not, ultimately, gratifying to the soul, albeit the lower soul may occasionally reach its goals and experience fleeting levels of satisfaction and gratification that we mistake as the pleasure for which we are designed.


Not only that, but if we spend our entire lifetime investing in the gratifying results we falsely believe are coming from our own doing, we will have missed the opportunity that life presents for us, which is to truly participate in revealing into the world Hashem’s compassion.


Why is this important?  The Divine energy, the creative flow, is compassion.  There is only one absolute unit in the universe and that is Hashem’s compassion.  That compassion is concealed in myriads of creations, hidden.  Yet Torah teaches us that the place of the world is Hashem. There is no other.


When we accept that all there is in the world is Hashem, including His compassion that is hidden in every atom of the universe, we understand the compassion He gives us every moment we have bodies that work, money in the bank, food in the refrigerator, health, children, and every other miracle that He provides out of His outpouring of love and mercy.


Our absolute essence is with Him, a part of that ocean of compassion.


Nevertheless, we are uniquely designed in bodies with circumstances and it is up to us to remain responsible and loyal to the truth of His Oneness, of His Compassion.  That translates to our remembering to be responsible and loyal when we are triggered, pulled by our natural thinking which bonds with negative messages about ourselves and others, judging others, blaming, shaming, and possibly saying or doing hurtful things, heaven forbid.  What remaining loyal means is that we immediately realize that when we have a negative reaction, we have been drawn away from feeling the outpouring of Hashem’s love and mercy. Instead, we are being drawn towards negativity that wishes for us to express its pain instead of revealing Hashem’s compassion.


So that means that our brain and neurological reactions must be understood within this spiritual science so that our bodies have a chance to not naturally act out our reactions.  The goal is to press the pure oil from the olive, so to speak.  We want the compassion without the negativity that false beliefs try to express.


We feel pain.  We feel we are denying ourselves expression of “who we are,” denying ourselves the “respect” we are due for the way we feel.  We blame others.  We think others are actually causing us to feel the negativity.  While the provocations may be associated with the actions of others, very often, their intention had nothing to do with how we are feeling and they would be horrified we feel the way we do.  It is uncomfortable for everyone when false beliefs become the subject of discussion in relationships; however, when we understand the spiritual science of the world, discussing what is uncomfortable takes on an entirely different look and feel. The look and feel is that both parties in the relationship understand the enemy is that dark place, and both are striving to help each other remain connected to Hashem Echad.


People have this blind spot, this dark place, that tugs at us relentlessly from within our brain construct.  It is filled with our own memories and impressions of life from before we had adult thinking capabilities.  Our imagination grabs our absolute self, the compassion of our soul, and animates things that are simply not true so that we literally shake with stress and worry.


It feels real.

We are pained.

But in reality, above all the layers of pain, the Torah tells us the absolute truth, which is that at all times we are connected and feeling the outpouring of Hashem’s love and mercy, even though it might be very covered over.


This important truth helps us to walk past the gnawing beliefs that cause our stomach to sink, our hearts to jump, that rob our peace of mind.   The gnawing false beliefs are a gateway through which the evil inclination gains access to the “pure oil,” the compassion of our soul.  When we do not seek to comprehend this and instead utilize its thinking to help us reach material and physical goals which may even seem like really good ideas, our soul is bonding with the dark.  That does not lead to anything good eternally.  It is also an opportunity lost to create something good eternally.  The eternal good is to be connected to true existence, to Hashem.

We cannot by our own hand save ourselves from the draw to the darkness.  We need Hashem to help us. How do we get help from above?  When we describe our quandry and declare out loud that what we want is to feel and reveal Hashem’s love and mercy, we form a positive spiritual being that leads us in the path we want to go.  The degree of our desire determines the degree to which we are given the ability to reveal His Love and Mercy.


Slowly, lovingly, and gently, when we are faced with our challenges, we are fortified to make better choices, choices that do not take us into the dark, choices that help us walk past the pulls that wish to draw us into the dark, choices that would “deep six” the compassion of our soul in mundane matters that have no eternal benefit.


Our attitude towards these conflicts also improves.  It is no longer about the fight for good self-esteem because really we are “bad.”  It is about understanding we are in those moments empowered to bring to the world the flow of love and mercy by asking Hashem to help us reveal love and mercy instead of our negative reactions.  We nullify the downward pulls to draw our compassion from the grips of negativity to bring it instead to connection to Hashem.  We wish to express absolute reality, not our subjective distortions based on impressions made upon our neurological system when we were young that augment the ability of the yetzer hara to latch onto the compassion of our soul for its own goals.


Evil exists in the minds of people alone through the faculties of mind that Hashem creates.  Evil is not a direct creation of Hashem.  It is an outcome that can come about and is tolerated by Hashem in order that we may have real free will.  Hashem is still the only power.  We can trust and rely on Him despite the evil inclination.  Nothing happens without His Oversight. Ultimately everything is for our growth and development, to make us great, to help us become more like Hashem in our ability to reveal His Love and Mercy.


Thus our minds are a lens and our guts are material to be drawn one way or the other.  How we perceive what is happening gives us the wherewithal to withstand the pulls on our guts.  Spiritual science is needed so that we do not get swept away by our neurology.


May we all come to comprehend the messages of our minds and the strength of our soul to walk with all our strength towards Hashem’s love and mercy so that we may reveal love and mercy in our thoughts, speech and deeds.  May we each recognize that as parts of the whole, we engage the whole each time we act.  May we appreciate our personal and unique spiritual power and may that help us overcome the pulls towards what looks like worldly power.  And may Hashem be happy with His Nation and may we soon see a new light, a light of love and mercy, in the world.


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