Rabbi Moshe Genuth – Parshas Korach from the Baal Shem Tov

Matter is a revelation of Hashem.  There is infinity within matter.

If we sincerely understand that Hashem is reflected within the material, there is power there.  We can fix ourselves.

But it is not opened up completely here, The world to come will be that ideal world, with eternal life.

The number 819 is a complex gematria. Adding 1 to 13 squared is 819. Thirteen is echad, the value of one.  Adding the squares of 1 to 13 equals 819, Hashem’s Oneness, simple unity.  There is nothing else.  It also equals the gematria of the Hebrew for wicked people.

Thus Moshe can understand Hashem’s simple unity of Hashem.  In the pysche you need to be able to connect the parts of yourself, there is coherence.  It does not mean it is harmoneous.  Coherence can be that the black can highlight the white, it plays a role.  Things can oppose one another, but the psyche can hold all of it in me, it is not beyond me. To gain coherence in life, we have a sense of past, present and  future, and a sense of space. We can hold things. We have a way to relate to it. We organize our timeline. How we understand where we are and where we are going.  Time and space are the result of being in a body, and that is no longer possible when we are not in a body.  But Hashem never has had time and space.  He is so One no matter what happens.  To be one means to be coherent, to stay together, an eternal Oneness.  Hashem has hashgacha within time and space and sees everything all at once and it is not overwhelming.  A person comes to the world to do one kindness to someone else…there is a story of the Rebbe about a bochur who wanted to see the Rebbe and he stood outside the Rebbe’s house in the morning and started talking to him, keeping the Rebbe ten minutes late.  Everyone yelled at the bochur. So he wrote a letter to the Rebbe asking forgiveness for taking his time.  The Rebbe said maybe this was my one kindness.  How could the Rebbe think that is his one kindness?  Everything we do has to be the One doing it for you. One kindness.  Every kindness we do should be embued with this oneness. Give everyone the coherence of oneness.  Hashem is with us, holding things together. the moment we connect to this Oneness, we too will be held together!

When Moshe can join with the erev Rav then he can rectify.  They are the part of him that he has not yet fixed. They make him into a whole.  Into 819.  The negative things we need to fix when we fix them are our completeness!

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