Update on first emunah mindfulness zoom


The first emunah mindfulness zoom gave the participants the opportunity to formulate a framework understanding of how to feel Hashem’s outpouring of love and mercy so that we may reveal it.  Regardless of actually being able to do so, understanding the steps and why is helpful.


Here is what we discussed.


There are two universal points that we all share.


Firstly, every one of us has a Divine energy, a creative flow, a compassion, that is our essence.  Our soul  knows intrinsically that Hashem is outpouring love and mercy to us in every moment, even though we may not feel it. Know there is Hashem.

Secondly every one of us has a physical body, a brain, a neurology, that has as the center of its emotions the limbic system..  We experience everything through our limbic system.  When we feel a lack, we feel sad, then frustrated, and then we have an aggressive urge as our survival instinct attempts to address it.  Sad, mad, bad.  This is our brain’s “knee jerk” reaction.  We certainly feel these reactions, everything from anger to fear to insult to depression. From understanding the starting point of our reactions, we may develop ourselves and learn to regulate our emotions and conduct ourselves in acceptable ways. At the core of our physical reality is also Divine energy, a creative flow, a compassion that is hidden and concealed. There is no other Power.


Our challenge is to bring together the concealed compassions and feel Hashem’s love and mercy so that we may reveal His Love and Mercy.   In other words, with the limbic system, we want to feel Hashem’s love and mercy so that we may choose to reveal love and mercy over our natural reactions. Hashem is One.


We discussed the process of calling out our unique situation and feelings while simultaneously feeling love for Hashem and awe in how He has designed us to bring everything back to Him.  Our emunah is the crossing guard that stops the traffic in our brains so that we can take twenty minutes to breathe, to disconnect the compassion hidden in our natural reactions and naturally attracted to physical and material survival.  We disconnect it through mindfulness and feeling love and awe in the design with which Hashem makes the world.   Love Hashem. Have Awe in Hashem.


We remember our role is to unify the hidden compassion concealed by our physicality with the essence within us that is in direct connection with Hashem’s compassion at all times.  By using our free will to turn to Him, with our struggles in our heart and with love and awe in our heart at the same time, the hidden compassion concealed in our painful situation merges with the compassion that is directly connected.  We ask Hashem to please help us feel the compassion so that we may reveal the compassion.  In so doing, from within our limbic system, we gain more of an ability to reveal Hashem’s love and mercy instead of the former natural reaction alone. Guard our soul from running after our eyes and hearts after which we are drawn to go astray.


People gave examples.  It is up to each of us, though, to actually do the work.  It is not enough to read about it, it is not enough to understand it in theory.  The healing comes from actually doing it.


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  1. Thank you, dear Shuli! I think our group will give us the real possibility to DO this work. To read about and to understand is not enough – now, after our first session, I know this exactly!

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