Parshas Shelach – Commentary from Ohr HaChaim – the land is good


Please print the pages in pdf above or jpeg below from Ohr HaChaim and from Apples from the Orchard (Arizal commentaries) to see an example from the Caleb on seeing the good.

The reason these pages seem so relevant is to give us strength in our personal challenges to have the where-with-all to know it is good and to comprehend Hashem as all good.  The explanations help us to understand the spiritual dynamics deeply, with appreciation and gratitude for the opportunities and a whole perspective above how we might otherwise feel.

We are truly empowered to transform concealed compassion into revealed compassion.  May we feel Hashem’s love and mercy more and more in our hearts and may our victories help all of us have souls that do the same so that His Love and Mercy is revealed.


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