Do you have a mood you wish you would be able to turn around?

Who has at some time wanted to change a mood?  Are there times  when we are not triggered by anything from our outside perceptions, yet are feeling down or blue?.


What if we are in a mood of some kind, sad, worried, searching?


When there, we are not feeling Hashem’s outpouring of love and mercy.  We are “waiting” to find a thought to follow to validate our mood.


That mood, which we think is “us”, is a covering over the pure compassion with which Hashem makes our soul.

The pure compassion hidden within it knows with complete clarity that Hashem is outpouring infinite love and mercy upon us.  But that message is not felt due to the thick cover that Hashem designs for each one of us so that we have free will to seek Him out.


We have within us a light of Hashem that is total compassion, and our mission is to make more and more transparent the coverings so that we can reveal Hashem’s love and mercy.  We are His Agents.  Let us not keep the secret hidden!


But how?  How do we actually nullify the coverings?


There are many pathways out there.  Find one. What matters is the recognition that Hashem, Torah, and the Jewish People are One.


We can bring more and more visibility of Hashem’s compassion through our hearts to our speech and deeds.  As we do, that very place of struggle, the strength that stood fast as the covering, becomes the strength of connection to Hashem and the vessel through which His Compassion shines.   What this means is that we can actually change our moods.


Do you have experiential understanding of this?

Through hisbodidus,

Through recognition of Hashem as One,

Through loving and having awe in the design of the world,

through choosing to associate our soul with Hashem’s love and mercy

through desiring to reveal His love and mercy.

We have souls created by Hashem with the potential to change our mood and add a pleasurable quality to our lives that affect  others in our lives at the same time as well as having a positive influence on the world.


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