A perspective on our meager and unique circumstances

When we feel adversity and challenge, when we are feeling a red alert, the reality of Hashem’s love and mercy is very far away.  It surely is not present in our natural reactions.  Consider that our neurology is like a cell phone “dead zone” for receiving the feeling of Hashem’s love and mercy when we experience lack and our defenses are triggered.

Yet it is there.  For us, it seems as though the lights went out.  Yet, are they?

Buried within our soul is the emunah to know that He is real and that we are one with Him.

How do we access it when the feelings and circumstances in a world of action are spinning us around?

Being able to exercise that emunah is what gives us a  new perspective on the meaning of our lives. To the degree we can “live” in a mindfulness that has an objective understanding of Hashem, His Torah and His Nation, the way we feel and act when struck with a traffic jam of feelings is affected.

How may we affect ourselves by keeping focused on Hashem, Torah and being His People?

Hashem, Torah and His Nation are One.

He is all compassion.

He places our soul in an amazing body that has built in interference.

All we hear naturally is the noise.

This is how He gives us real free will.

We use real free will to make choices that invest us in being connected to His Oneness.

Choices to connect in relationship while we are alive in a world where Hashem is concealed have eternal benefit.

Hashem loves us at every moment, even when we feel lost, rejected, stricken and more.

With emunah, when we hear the noise, we can activate our bina, our intellect, and remember the wisdom of Torah,  that Hashem is One and His Love has never broken.

The goal is to hold our “ship” steady as we go through the turbulence. By holding the wisdom of Torah with our understanding and intellect, knowing Hashem is good, we can get through.

How do we go through?

The spark “Hashem is One” takes root through our holding steady with love for Hashem and our trust that Divine energy, the creative force, is compassion.

Hashem only does good.

That includes us.  Even though we have terrifically challenging feelings and circumstances, and even though we are prone to error by being egoistic and self-focused, we are essentially good because Hashem is creating us every moment.  We may have room to improve, but our essential goodness is real.

The challenge is to bond our goodness back to its source, which means dissolving our bond with self-consciousness.

We choose to do two more of the constant mitzvahs.  Love Hashem.  Fear (have awe in the design  with which Hashem gives us a lifetime) Hashem.

These two mitzvahs open the channel of connection through which we can take what seems upside down in our heart and bring the compassion animating it from the interference through to the other side of the “prism” of our neurology.

When we stay focused on bringing into our hearts Hashem’s constant love and mercy, we remain consciously connected,  even if it seems like that connection is like our cell phones with only “a bar” of connection.  Through that connection, that pinhole, so much more can flow.

Having  emunah in Hashem and His Oneness is important.

Understanding our role in declaring His Oneness  is important.

Having the Torah learning of our forefathers so that we recognize our natural condition and what to avoid is important.

Accepting our neurological condition of “sad, mad, bad” in all its iterations helps us see the interference Hashem creates in order to give us real free will. Through hisbodidus, we can familiarize ourselves with  our most common interpretations that lead us to err.

Instead of thinking we are stuck in being the enactment of sad, mad, bad, we can grow to have the wisdom to see a spiritually powerful role that we may play in bringing together what appears as two different types of compassion into one.

What are the seemingly two types of compassion?  The natural compassion and empathy that helps us navigate the traffic jam thinking within the plane of the material and physical world is one. The underlying universal compassion that is the soul of every atom of creation is the second .

It is easy to see how these are not separate at all. Rather the first one is a subset of the second.

When we continue to have an ache in our heart, the mistake is to think that we have accomplished our full mission with the  compassion that helps us travel through the traffic of the interference, the compassion that essentially utilizes kindness and empathy and understanding of human nature to maneuver gently around the obstacles or people causing interference. Torah gives us instruction in this regard, and that is full of compassion.  While this may be considerate and important, and even powerful, it does not in every case perform the function of declaring Hashem’s Oneness if we carry pain. When we follow the Torah but carry pain within there is more we are capable to do in the declaring of Hashem Echad and returning compassion concealed by our nature to its Source.

What more can we do?

We may utilize our emunah in order to come to see the entire traffic jam as having a hidden compassion that is giving us the opportunity of using our lifetime (our natural frame of reference) to declare Hashem Echad.  That is a perspective on our meager and unique circumstances, no matter how painful, that distills from the interference the hidden compassion and returns it to its Source through our mindfulness and prayers. This is the teshuva that then brings to our hearts the feeling of Hashem’s love and mercy. This is the teshuva that brings us the pleasure for which we are designed. This is the teshuva that creates positive influence.  This is the teshuva that we are capable of.

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