Understand that we are built to release from the confines of natural thoughts tremendous hidden love

We come into the world and begin learning how to walk, talk, and do.  Our parents and teachers help us to shape our thinking and our personalities form and develop.


At some point, hopefully, we begin a search to comprehend more about our inner being.  Unfortunately, this may not be so easy.  Our natural path does not lead us to the quiet, covered over spiritual path hidden within our lives.


There are so many people – Rabbis, Rebbetzins, trained Torah educators and more – who are attempting to help people ask the first few questions and sharing their journeys to explain why it is worthwhile.


We have real free will though.  Hashem does not force us to pursue love and awe of Him.


It is enough to accept ourselves as we are, if we do.  But would it be true to say that we are very hard on ourselves?  And as a result, are we hard on others?  Does that path feel powerful but out of our control?


A basic truth is that all there is in the world is Hashem and His Torah.


How do we understand our existence in relation to such a seemingly incomprehensible statement of truth?  What are we not seeing regarding our lives that could help us strive toward living in a way consistent with that truth?


We have real free will.  Yet our natural setting is for us to interact with the world based on our perceptions and our natural responses to those perceptions. And this is, indeed,the platform from where we begin to have the ability to connect Heaven and earth.


Our unconscious mind is under the realm of nature, not under the realm of the basic truth that all there is in the world is Hashem and His Torah.


We have thoughts that are in our unconscious mind that trigger our emotions, speech and deeds.


What if we came to understand that thoughts themselves, as deep within us as they feel, remain part of the natural world to which we may apply free willed choice to uplift the force with which we experience it from our subjective perspective to the truth that all there is in the world is Hashem and His Torah?  We have free will to do just that.  It is spiritually atomic energy. Our emunah is the key ingredient in the process of releasing our souls from the bonds of nature to receive and reveal Hashem’s love and Torah.


If something here inspires a look into how to begin a journey to bring more joy and light to existence, there are many places to turn.  Please see resources at the bottom.


If, however, there is resistance to beginning such a journey, ask if you would benefit from receiving more love in your life?  If there is resistance to saying yes even to that, just keep in mind that there is somewhere to turn if at some point that has appeal.


For those who might be interested in a journey but want to know what insights might come from it that will really bring more joy to life, here are a few:

We are a bridge between heaven and earth

Our hearts can receive and reveal immense love by being like and with Hashem because we are made in His Image to have a relationship with Him where we experience the love as we reveal it here, in the natural world, through our thoughts speech and deeds. The darkness in our life comes from natural unconscious thinking from which we can reconnect the strength of the darkness to become a connection that brings joy through us and to us.  We have real free will and are made in Hashem’s Image and can therefore be like and with Him feeling more and more joy.

Althoughit may take awhile, we do not have to be resigned to living with pain and suffering or believe that our circumstances and/or coping skills are all there is. 


Comprehending the role we can play in releasing from the confines of natural thoughts tremendous hidden love changes our understanding of who we really are in the most profound way.


Education helps to lift us up by broadening our understanding of how we are created and what our true mission is, both individually and collectively.  Every single person has a soul and the real free will to choose, although we may not know where to apply that free will or understand deeply what is holding us back.


Emunah is the muscle we can grow to actualize the education.  It is imperative that we find the emunah we have inherited from our patriarchs in order to actualize free will.


Rabbi Itamar Schwartz, author of Bilvavi Mishkan Evnah has many teachings for free available in English and Hebrew on finding our inner being and developing our true selves.


Devorah Yaffa Singer has a series of classes called Lights of Emunah that provide vital information to anyone interested in more on how to do this.  Rabbi Aryeh Nivin has personal growth chaburas to provide a community and a variety of digestible tools to go through a personal journey.  Rabbi Tzadok Cable teaches with great articulation and depth Torah to ground every step of the personal journey in truth. Tzipora Harris teaches from her own life experiences how to gain more and more clarity. There are many people sharing – Orit Riter, Rabbi Shalom Arush, Rabbi Yitzchok Ginsburg, Gedale Fenster, Rabanit K. Sarah Cohen, and many many more.





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