Shavuos Newsletter to print – from Bilvavi, Rabbi Itamar Schwartz

Bilvavi.Shavuos.Newsletter In the Shavuos Newsletter, Rabbi Schwartz explains how to really live a life of Torah

If you want to visualize a perfect picture of what life should look like – what is the driving force in our life that will help us reach this perfect picture? It is to have a goal of reaching such a kind of life, in which there will be nothing in our life other than Hashem and His Torah. That is what a person should want, and that is what he should be enjoying. If one keeps reflecting on this point, he can eventually reach a point where he will want this to continue without pause. If he can envision such a thing, he is touching upon a “resemblance of the World To Come” in the soul. For how long will he be able to remain in such a space in himself? It will depend on how connected he is to this.

If he has a connection to this, he can already experience a “resemblance of the World To Come” here, in his own soul. (A higher level than this to become a “ben olam HaBa” (destined for the World To Come); here we are talking about the first step, which is to experience me’in olam haBa, a resemblance of the World To Come). It is to imagine a life in which you are totally removed from everything on This World, and you are perfectly content with all that you remain with [nothing but Hashem and His Torah]. This is a truthful visualization to imagine, and one who has da’as (mature understanding) and who desires true life will visualize this many times. Slowly as a person gets used to this visualization, he will see what his current level is, and think of how to get to the next step. It will be a journey in his soul. This imagination exercise is but one example of how you can personally connect yourself to the Torah (and it is in addition to what we said before about learning about the importance of Torah study). Anyone who desires to be a true ben Torah should try the above imagination exercise.

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