Insights into Naaseh v’nismah…we will do and we will understand…what is understanding?


The Torah teaches us that there is a spiritual realm along with this physical world in which we have the experiences of life for hopefully 120 years in good health.  The Torah teaches us that this physical world, which we can perceive, is, in its essence completely spiritual because everything is an emanation from Hashem, the soul of the world and the only force.


What this translates to for us is a total reframe of the steps we believe we need to take in every moment.


Rather than think that as responsible adults, it is up to us to take steps towards the outcomes we desire, we are well advised to turn our lips upward to Hashem and tell Him what is happening, what we are considering, and ask Him to please guide us because we only wish to do what will reveal His Love and Kingship.  How can we mean that?  Are we really only wanting to do what will reveal His Love and Kingship?


The first question to address to our inner will is – do we understand how revealing His Love and Kingship affects the spiritual realms and thereby our very lives?

On Shavuos the Jewish people said that we will follow Hashem’s Will and then we will understand.  What is that understanding?


The understanding is how following Hashem’s will is good, brings good, and ultimately feels good too even if it is not the pleasure we originally sought.


What is in our way is our natural experience of pleasure and the immediate ways it seems that we bring to ourselves our goals.  This is our primary instinct and Torah teaches us fundamentally that Hashem alone determines success, that He judges us midda keneged midda, and that He is all loving and all just, desiring for us that we all grow every day in our ability to attain eternal simcha and good in this world as well.


Again, our basic nature is to want, to seek, to feel frustrated and stressed when we don’t receive, and then to defend ourselves aggressively from survival instincts that tell us there is danger of some kind in not succeeding with steps toward our goal.


To the degree we also experienced at a vulnerable and dependent age trauma or developed unhealthy coping mechanisms, our defense mechanisms telling us there is danger enter into complicated unproductive solutions that keep us even more from reaching our goals, unable to healthfully communicate in respectful ways with trustworthy people who might be able to help.  We fall deeper and deeper into disconnection from the One Being that is loving to us and available to help because that One Being is the Place from which every thought and circumstance emanates.


Bring Hashem into the picture immediately and tell Him our fears, reactions, our broken patterns of response and tell Him that we know all the force within us in all these thoughts is His Power alone and that we are knocking on His Door in prayer to redeem that force from within our limited understanding so that the force can itself reveal His Love and His Kingship.  When we do this, we are treating Hashem as He designs us to, in relationship, from love for Him and real emunah that He is a living Being,  THE living Being, the ONLY Being that can help.  He Alone emanates everything.  We have no control over anything except our choice to cry out to Him with all our natural reactions, understanding our role in His Purpose – to redeem and unify His Name.


May anyone reading this see the truth, that what we wish to control we have no ability to control and that which we have no natural belief that we can control, namely our emotions and thinking, is the area where free will and the power of speech actually give us 100 percent control in opening the channel from Hashem for Him to then act on our behalf.  Success is up to Hashem.  However, the effort that is  100 percent in our control is in relationship with Him and the seeking of His love and protection through emunah and bitachon.  While it may feel bitter to give up what we see as control, we actually sweeten our lives by doing so because of the outpouring of love that results from Hashem Echad.




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