Reflections on taking steps towards holiness

The interest we have in becoming more like Hashem is often dampened and hampered by the perception of what we believe we need to do to take care of ourselves.  Our survival instincts are with us from utero and are our first and strongest experience of being alive as mortals.  Why would we consider listening to anything other than our natural survival instincts?


The operative word is natural.


When Avraham Aveinu looked skyward, he saw that by the natural flow of life-giving force that he and Sarah would not have a child.  Yet Hashem tells him that there is something above nature that is his truth, and indeed Yitzchok was born.


When Moshe Rebbeinu was told by Hashem to speak to the rock and water would gush forth and instead Moshe, in a legitimate confusion of mind because he did not speak to the rock Hashem intended and the people were frustrated, reacted by thinking that perhaps he misunderstood and was supposed to strike the rock as he had the previous time.  For this mistake, Moshe was not allowed to enter Israel and build the temple because the people lacked the awareness needed to truly understand the power o speech in appealing to Hashem Who is the only Power and is above nature.


When the spies came with their report, the people cried and that day became Tisha bav, where calamaties happen.  We cried for nothing.  Why?


Hashem and not an angel determines what happens to His Nation.


Thus, in our inner worlds, when we feel the aggression resulting from stress, frustration of will, or attack, that natural survival instinct is not our finest knowing of what our next step is.


Rather, that negative pull becomes the playing field into which the real highest Power desires for us to reveal His Love and Kingship.


Each of us must make our identity in this regard, choosing to reveal Hashem over the natural pulls.


We learn to have an inner dialogue with ourselves, understanding our hearts yet willing to fulfill the primary mission we have to reveal Hashem’s love and kingship into the world.


Although this work is life-long, we are empowered to inch more and more towards behaviors that fold the natural into holy endeavors.


May we be zocheh to see a new light of redemption and a utopia, with all the world experiencing awareness of Hashem’s love and kingship.

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