On Gevurah shebe gevurah, we can understand something very special about our lives

Today is day 9 of the omer, gevurah shebe gevurah.  Listen to Rebbetzin Shoshi Nissenbaum speaking from Yitzchok Aveinu’s kever in the Cave of Machpelech.

A few days ago I came across something from Rabbi Schneerson’s writings that explains what our lives really are about.  With this understanding, we have the wisdom to zoom out of our self-conscious conditions and really serve Hashem.  May our teshuva today repair all of the mistakes we have made in falling into the dark rather than purifying our hearts to shine gevurah shebe gevurah and may we all begin to see Hashem’s constant lovingkind presence everywhere.  Below are Rabbi Schneerson’s words.

“The primordial blunder was the discovery of self.

The first man and woman in the Garden of Eden ate of the Tree of Knowledge and realized that they exist. Ever since then, that self-consciousness has been the root of every disaster.

Every “I” and “me,” every sense of being is a denial of the Oneness of the Creator and the creation. It is a statement that there is something else, namely me, and that me is autonomous from all else.

Yet the goal of humankind is not to annihilate the ego, but to reach beyond it, beyond the state of Adam and Eve in the Garden—to a higher state of being, a context in which the ego is redefined. A place called Eden, which is beyond the Garden, the place of Essential Being from where all delights flow . . .
“And a river went out from Eden to water the Garden.”

And now you know the secret of why such a tree was created.”

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