Appreciation for this week’s Parsha from TLOE Rabbi Azoulai Parshas Tzav

When something is esoteric, it is not easy to transfer the idea to someone else.

 I remember being little and frustrated and told that the answer lies within me.

 That made me absolutely furious. Since I had not a clue where to find the answer, I felt abandoned and valueless.  That was stressful.  And when we experience stress, we form associations in our mind that are stored, forming false beliefs, coping mechanisms, and thoughts that are untrue which generate emotions that lead us to error.

Now perhaps the person who told me that the answer lies within me really did know how to find what to do.  However, they had no idea how to explain it.

 I imagine that this must have been the case, or else that is what they were told by their parent, and they didn’t understand it either and assumed the same wrong messages but were hopeful that one day they would find the answers within.

 In this week’s Parsha Sheet from Rabbi Azoulai, the matter is explained.

To anyone who believes in the power Hashem invests in our soul to do the work of serving Hashem, reading this parsha sheet will bring tears of joy to your eyes, as it did mine.

 We CAN change the way we look at experiential reality.

 We CAN become soulful beings who realize we are manifestations of Hashem’s Divine Creative Energy here to acknowledge, thank, beseech, and direct force from the natural to the side of kadosh.

 TLOE-2018-0324-Tzav-5778We CAN open our mouths in prayer and confess our alternative choices and our commitment to choosing to serve Hashem, and may that prayerful choice bring a new light to the world as a blessing for all klal Yisrael and the world.

Here is the link to Rabbi Azoulai for Parshas Tzav, the Shabbos of Shabboses, Shabbos HaGadol.


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