Everything and everyone is a manifestation of Hashem’s Divine creative energy – He is the Place of the world

We are a manifestation of Hashem’s Divine creative energy .


Our life force appears to come from natural means ONLY to conceal Hashem that we should want to see the King more than anything else .  Any thought that is taking us to a place where we do not feel or experience Divine presence is a manifestation of Hashem’s Divine creative energy concealing that energy. 


Our responsibility is to pierce through the concealment and strip the covering presentation away for the sole purpose that the creative energy flow through our love for Hashem to a way to be revealed.  That effort builds our eternal identity as one who remembers Hashem and loves Him.  This is how we earn eternal bliss. 


The awareness that we are in a world where He is concealed is the consciousness with which we pierce, pull back and then gain access to the force.  Our will is to see the King, and thus we pray that He help us reharness the force within to reveal Him…we are given the right to dedicate it.  Just like when we give a donation we can dedicate it for a refuah shelama or for leui nishmas, so too, when we utilize our awareness and free will choices to hold still the concealing images in order to bring the force within it to the side of kedusha, we are given through prayer a way to beseech Hashem with personal requests…for children, for shidduchim, for parnassa, for sholom bayis.  Hashem let’s us “hold the hose” of His Divine creative energy when we remember Him with love


The potency in the forces that conceal Hashem come from a very high place. They fall deep into physicality and therefore when redeemed, they reach very high. 


We all have stress and stress reactions.  As long as we are alive, our biology is to experience a moment of survival instincts and stress.  Awareness is so that we can utilize emunah that Hashem is present at all times, all loving, and that all is for the good.  With that in hand, we can catch by the tail the filthy coverings luring us to despair – false beliefs, coping mechanisms, ingrained examples of abuse that have deeply infiltrated our speech by the examples of others – realize these are coverings concealing precious diamonds of Divine energy, cry out because we love Hashem and really sincerely want even more than the matter at hand to see the King and not what conceals Him – in our hearts, in our marriages, in our homes, in our communities, in the world.  By bringing Hashem’s reality back into the picture, we are prepared to consider doing something that will be a merit for all of Klal Yisrael.


We are scrubbing our ovens, our sinks, our refrigerators, searching for chometz, for areas that have become puffed up like the ego can be.  Let us scrub our thinking and false beliefs as well and redeem the Shechina from whirlpooling and serving false beliefs.  Instead of following our natural instincts and thinking, let us bring love for Hashem to close the switch, to bring the valuable Divine creative energy, the forces that are in the concealing presentation, back to the side of kedusha.  And ask in prayer for how we wish to “dedicate” those forces for the true good.


May we understand our natural construct well and may we have the emunah to use the consciousness and free will Hashem gives us to complete the revealing of His Divine Creative energy with an infusion of love for Hashem. And may we see a new light as a blessing to the world.

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