Speech and spiritual consciousness of the Divine – the need for Torah and understanding of Hashem’s Mercy

What differentiates man from animals is the creative power of speech.  Speech that we are referring to is not just communication, as one might see it in animals.  Speech for people is actually formative.  Why?


The forces that comprise our life force are the very forces that Hashem uses to create the world as well.  You know how our inner world can be very compelling?  Where is that “power” coming from?


What is being experienced is a force of Hashem’s lovingkindness that has been disconnected from Him and instead is echoing in the chamber of an empty concoction called “me,”  a projection created by the ego so that we have a starter sense of what a self is.  We are given this starter kit ego as we develop, hopefully healthfully, from birth until we are old enough to have learned enough Torah to understand that the real purpose of our lives is to convert our life force from temporary to eternal – that we may have the opportunity to earn the joy of perceiving Hashem and being close to Him for all eternity because we use free will NOW to re-invest our ego-wants to His Will – Torah and emulating His Mercy.


When we do an act of kindness, Hashem’s force of chesed – the same as He uses to make the world – becomes more unified.  When we overcome the ego-oriented want list and do for Hashem, we release back to His Oneness a bit of the life force He invests in us, in our starter kit identity, and from that we gain real identity for all eternity.


Spiritual consciousness of the Divine while we speak brings the forces within us that we are overcoming back to the side of truth and holiness. We literally redeem them from the natural inclinations.  Moshe Rebbeinu was to speak to the rock.  Seeing his words open the rock was to have been an important message to the Jewish people about the creative power of speech.  That did not happen though, but we must understand the lesson and the important creative power of speech in shifting spiritual matter by our free will and requests to Hashem, Who is the One Who brings the matter to happen.


Each time we do teshuva sincerely or stop and redirect ourselves from doing something disconnecting, we are “making a bracha” on the yetzer hara, extracting the Shechina Hashem invests in nature from being hidden and bringing it forth to shine into the world.


The more resistance we have to doing this, the more spiritual force we are capable of bringing from slavery to freedom, from constriction to holiness.


What makes the resistance?  It is the animal instinct of survival that is telling us, with advice from the life coach yetzer hara, how best to “take care of ourselves.”  Coping mechanisms, judgments, educated opinions aside, we MUST comprehend the category of “natural” that this line of thinking stems from and realize the opportunity.


The opportunity is, with emunah, to know our survival depends on Hashem alone, Who is orchestrating the circumstances as well as the thoughts we are having in order to give us the opportunity to redeem the Shechina and create a true identity for all eternity.


In order to do this, our animal instincts need to have enough Torah learning and enough experience with hisbodidus and perceiving Hashem’s hand in history and in our lives to entertain submitting to Hashem’s Will as a greater pleasure than its will.


When we realize that Hashem is before us at every moment, we have something to answer our willfulness.  That answer is “It is my will to see the King.”  When the lower soul trusts that there is real pleasure and survival for it in that statement, then it is willing to pause its agenda and, with sweat, we can form new neuropathways in our mind around our false beliefs, coping mechanisms, natural anxieties and more.


Being connected to the King becomes an obviously preferable choice to pursuing our own agenda.  Why?


It is far better to be attached to something lasting that is valuable than to have a fleeting moment of some kickback of pleasure, like being right, or besting someone else.  These pleasures fade.  Being connected to Hashem makes Hashem’s presence in our lives, in our hearts, more constant and that is inner peace and a sense of being balanced, centered, and on track to use free will for our true best interests.


We can love each other when we understand this struggle in ourselves.  When we accept the design of mankind, to want, to feel frustrated and have that frustration trigger survival instincts that lead us astray, we have a chance to also zoom out to see that we are souls.  Seeing that we are souls with a creative power of speech and Torah, we can summon spiritual consciousness of the Divine – emunah – and follow His Will – Torah – to release from the natural the Shechina that is hidden in every circumstance and challenge.


What a relief!  We no longer are on our own to fix what is happening!  We can create spiritual beings with prayer and Hashem’s help to soften and correct what has triggered us!


If we are being called upon to lift a load, we would do it.  So too with our emotional responses of jealousy, desire and negative honor when we feel these disconnecting emotions.  What has happened is that there are forces contained within these emotions that are coming to be healed, to be brought back to connection to Hashem.  We simply open our mouths, cry out (speech) describing the matter in detail, and tell Hashem that it is our will to reveal Him, that what we want is not these emotions, but to see the King, in our hearts, in our homes, in the world.  We ask that our teshuva be a merit for Klal Yisrael.


We can efface and dilate our animalistic nature and give spiritual redemption to our life force!  Our animalistic nature goes along willingly after it experiences the inner peace and pleasure of doing so.


May we soon see a new light in the world as a blessing for all!

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