TRIGGERED!!! Seeing the spiritual opportunity instead of the despair

Let’s take a zoomed in view of what happens when we get triggered – you know the feeling, all of a sudden we are not where we are, our thoughts have transported us to a place of emotional fear or anger and our imagination is racing, scanning all we know in search of where the cause of trigger came from, making judgments, and, of course, listening to the whispering counsel of our life coach yetzer hara who has a list of “deserving” things we are “entitled” to do in response because after all….


Our hearts pound, we feel stressed, we feel like wind is blowing through bullet holes in our sense of security.  Have you ever felt that way?  How long can that last – a day, three days, a week, more?  What keeps us in such a heightened state of stress?


Because we cannot see from Hashem’s perspective, as mortal limited beings we use the best of our acquired intellect to puzzle through our circumstance in an effort to resolve a solution.


Inevitably, because of the chain of events has been Divinely orchestrated, we most likely have either a false belief or are missing key information that is complicating our ability to return to inner peace.


Notice this deeply.  This type of reaction, in all the unique ways each of us might experience these triggers, becomes the point where we have real opportunity.


If we train ourselves to recognize what it feels like to “be at the plate” of spiritual opportunity, we can then take a moment and breathe, a moment of relationship with Hashem, and moment where we cry out and describe and then declare our wish to bring all that is within us to the side of kedusha.


Our complications are obstructions, forces within us that have been drawn to an incomplete understanding, holding us back from remembering that we just want to see the King, to have our heart be a mishkan where He can dwell, where we have trust that everything is for the good and that our task in the moment is not to resolve the apparent circumstances but rather the process of reharnessing the forces, infusing them with love for Hashem and a yearning to devote all our inner forces only for kedusha and revealing Hashem.


May we become skilled at seeing the fingerprint of the life coach yetzer hara, who is devoted with evil intent to destroy us but who wants us to pass the test.  This is how we “make a bracha” on negativity.


And may our love for Hashem and our devotion to relationship bring a new light to the world as a blessing for all of klal Yisrael and the world.



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