Some rhyming fun for re-harnessing the self-conscious forces in our hearts – shine light, kids and grownups too

For kids fighting For couples fighting
We are not allowed to hit

And we are not allowed to bite

We are not allowed to kick and

we are not allowed to fight

We are not allowed to hurt, you want to know why?

Cause you don’t like it and neither do I.

I see that you want something from me

But I want  from you first – just give to me

If you don’t give me first you don’t love me you see

And so I will not give to you anything for free

So what do I do when I am mad of course.

What do I do with that power and force.

What do I do when my smile is a frown?

How do I keep myself from pushing you down!

You don’t respect me or you’d give it to me

I say I am in charge and you ignore me

How can you say that I don’t love you

How can I show love when you insult me through and through

The first thing to know is Hashem made me out of love

The second thing to know is that He wants me to love.

Hashem is always here so there is nothing to fear

My power and force are up to me to steer!

That is just your ego, thick as a rock

Don’t you have emotions, Mr Spock

I need to be loved and adored

How can I respect you when I am feeling ignored!

Because Hashem made me there is love for me

Because Hashem made you He loves you too

If Hashem made you and me

Then He loves us both you see

Let’s be loving like Him cause we’re family.

What are we fighting about you and me

We both know we are family

Not only that we are precious souls

Loved by Hashem and part of one mold




How can I get my happy feelings back

How can I feel better after getting a smack

What will help if I don’t hit back


Hmm, I can say “ please its not okay to wack!”

Let’s think about that for a moment you and I

Imagine that Hashem is with us, no need to cry

Because He is really here and our hearts we can steer

Let’s not misuse His strength- there is nothing to fear

Then I can steer myself to jump up and down

I can steer myself to color with red and brown

I can run it off with a game of tag

Or we can have a tug of war with a rag.

Open up our hearts and let our souls bloom

Set aside our egos let Hashem fill the room

He is the sole source of love and respect

Take a breath and re-connect!

Would you like to jump with me up and down

Would you like to color with me red and brown

Would you like to have a good running game of tag?

Or would you like to play tug of war with a rag?

The feelings that we have are for a faulty goal

What stirs inside us can make us whole

One with you and me and with Hashem you see

Release the “me” and let flow our vitality

I bet you just want to play with me

I guess you didn’t know cause we are only  two or three

That instead of giving a smack on my head to see

If I want to play, you can just ask me!

Then we have invested in eternity

Then we have bliss after mortality

The process of fixing goes on temporarily

What it can bring us is bliss eternally

Hashem makes us both nice, both you and me

He knows that we really are just two and three.

We don’t yet know how to control hands and feet

So let’s do what He wants and love each other when we meet.

So yes I will give to you what you ask,

Whether or not you take on my task.

I do it for you because the love I show

Is a revelation of Hashem, you know.


Patience is a way to steer power and force

I can understand when you loose it of course

It happens to me so I understand

Just say you’re sorry and let’s try again.

And that is my motive and that is my why

Yes  I can smile and I am not being coy.

I truly feel His love when I give to you

It heals something in me through and through.


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