Accepting the relationship Hashem desires to have with us – the truth about human nature

What if we open our eyes and see a basic truth to human nature?  We have all been children, toddlers, and babies.  Some of us have children, toddlers, and babies.  Understanding this age bracket can be very stressful.  And many things can happen during our early years that we are formed by for a lifetime.

What do all of us have in common when it comes to being babies, toddlers, and young children?

When a toddler does not receive what the toddler desires, very often the toddler will have what we call a temper tantrum.  If we look at what is happening, though, we can learn a great deal about the layers of human nature that Hashem gives us to shape.

A child desires, is told “no”, experiences a stressful frustration, and has a survival instinct to defend oneself and fight back with aggression.  There is a split second between telling a child “no” and a cry, or the throwing of a toy, or a hit.  We teach the child to tell us the feeling rather than act it out, but really, let’s make a mental note that even as adults, the built in reaction to frustration is stress that can lead to blaming and damaging actions.

We want something.  Wanting would fall into the category of “water,” of a desire for something that we believe will nurture, provide love or sustenance or happiness.  When we are unsuccessful, the “need” has now turned us into thinking that its lack is a threat to our survival. Now we feel fire/anger/fear, or air/lack of honor/urge to speak hurtfully, or earth/sadness/laziness.

What if instead of identifying with the suggestions of our natural “life coach” the yetzer hara, who is really seeking to leech off our soul, from our life force, its holiness and divert holiness to the vanities of the world?  What if we saw the opportunity to calm ourselves down from the stress reaction and bring the elements of water, fire, wind and earth to a place that could reveal Hashem’s hidden love within it?


We are actually created to do just that by choosing relationship with Hashem, being the “moon” in relation to the “Sun,” realizing that by nullifying our subjectivity and moving to selflessness, we actually build eternal identity.  We start by grasping how empowered we are to affect the world by drawing upon Hashem’s love to be frevealed by our hearts.


By remembering that Hashem loves us and is the Creator of all, and that He, Elokim, is really love that is concealed within all, we have the opportunity to break off the covering concealing His Love and revealing His Mercy through our speech and deeds.  We do this when we act according to Torah, believing that we are spiritual beings in bodies capable to bring His Love into our hearts, affecting and calming our stress reactions and removing the obstructions to seeing Hashem’s presence.


Where do we each have our unique obstructions?  It is in these areas that soon the counting of the omer will give us opportunity to reharness our natural energies and decorate the darkness that obscures His Presence with love for Hashem that enlightens the world through our choosing words and deeds that reveal Hashem.

We have real free will.

We can, in our own lives, through our choices, affect the very real elements, the nature of the world for the better.  Are you IN?

Subjec Will Outcome natural reaction natural Influence on elements free will spiritual reality spiritual influence of spiritual reality
Hashem His thoughts Immediately  appears as Elokim Justice, truth Elokim concealing mercy, love mercy, love nurture, relationship with Man
Man thoughts and heart not immediate frustration, survival instinct remain natural – anger, fear, shame, blame OR to see that it is mercy love water, fire, wind and/or earth  can reveal Hashem’s love
actions come to fruition self-conscious,  powerful, remain natural -ego, dominion, spiritual potential falls to vanity to see that it is from Hashem, self-less, gratitude humility, relationship, strengthen vessel from the natural to holy, elements reveal Hashem’s love, eternal life



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