All Honor is for Hashem

Here is an exercise I believe is an act of kavod shemayim:


When we are in the throws of a negative experience, grab hold of love for Hashem with emunah. Somehow what I am experiencing is a manifestation of slipping into a subjective explanation and projection of unconscious programming that I am not lovable or valuable..  ( see  There are two true lackings that our soul understands but are  hidden from our consciousness. These two lacks project into our subjective realities but, because the solutions are spiritual and not circumstantial, pursuing the resolution in time and space circumstances becomes despair and futility.  However there is a solution to both of these true lackings on a spiritual level, as is discussed below. )


Say out loud that Hashem is here, right now.  Feel love for Hashem and, in that bath of love for Hashem, sense and feel His Love.  This takes emunah and practice, and recognition of Hashem’s loving presence.  This experience can be built every day in hisbodidus and personal prayer, where we pour our hearts out to Hashem, describing everything in detail in His Presence and then “hear” the Torah, our higher soul, speak back to us and feel clarity.

While loving Hashem and feeling Hashem’s love,  hold the hurtful messages about love and value that are coming as a result of our having  focused on some source in time and space as the cause of  these lacks, but the holding is not for the purpose of despair.  Rather the purpose of listening to the false messages that come from the yetzer hara’s imagery and our ego-involvement  is  for confirmation of what the mind knows based on Torah – the purpose is an investigation only for the heart to experience clarity that this is the yetzer hara’s impact on the ego, and not the real self, that is experiencing lack of love and value. The goal is for the heart to see and choose to come along with the mind.  We have real free will.


A healthy ego is one that is willing at this point to go to shifless/ lowliness, recognizing its lowly short-sighted perspective and the wisdom of clinging instead to the true Source of value. Choosing lowliness re-invests our life force for eternal identity as having remembered Hashem while alive in a body where He is concealed from our perceptions.


The love we arouse for Hashem acts in a mixing bowl in the heart, gently folding back into love of Hashem  the forces within us that otherwise would follow the yetzer hara’s imagery and become dominated by subjective  focus.  The forces that would otherwise fall into the frustration and despair and futility of seeking love and value from this-worldly sources are really forces in contact with and clinging to  natural unrectified elements that conceal Hashem’s loving presence, a contact that may be further distorted by painful experience or trauma as well..


It is our opportunity to infuse these forces that are in contact with natural elements with an injection of love of Hashem that elevates them in a way that affects the speech and deeds that will follow.  As these love-of-Hashem-improved-forces come through in our speech and deeds when action is taken within the circumstances, the force of Hashem’s lovingkindness comes into the world rather than our subjective survival instincts that might otherwise cause damage.


The more we use the wisdom of the mind regarding ever-present real love of Hashem, and the more we recognize that He is the only Being with Value,  the more we re-take our hearts.  In so doing, we each can play a part in making obsolete  Hashem’s Will to be concealed because we are revealing Him, taking off the unrectified elements that mask His Presence.

When we do this inner work and overcome the yetzer hara as is the purpose of Hashem’s creating a yetzer hara, the more we move toward a world where Hashem’s love can be revealed through us without a need for the yetzer hara’s tests.  May we be inspired to begin making these eternal-life-building-efforts and see a new light in the world, from all the love that pours in.

We will have acted out of love and respect for Hashem, with Him in the center.  We will have recognized truth that all there is in the world is Hashem and praised Him. And we will create for ourselves meaningful lives as well as an identity as spiritual beings of lasting value based on demonstrated clarity of our being connected to Him, and that will be a benefit for all eternity.


Listen to Chaya Hinda Allen speak on the topic of yetzer hara and despair

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