Purim – Emunah v’simcha

Emunah is a force within the soul that is intrinsically there.  It is for us to develop that force and use it in every moment of every day to stay connected to the truth.  Just like any muscle, the force of emunah is built through consistent effort over time.

The truth that we are to connect with is that we are a manifestation of Hashem’s Will, in a constant flow of His Love.  That is where all our value comes from.  Being a creation with consciousness that we are having an experience called life is purposeful.  Hashem places something of Himself into a bodily creation of His and gives us consciousness and free will.  What does Hashem want from us?

Hashem wants us to recognize Him.  He wants a relationship with us.  He is willingly giving us life and opportunity to choose connection and eternal life.


What obstructs our doing so is our free will to latch on instead to the images of the yetzer hara.  Hashem places all of the natural world into the hands of the yetzer hara, an angel of Hashem.  Everything from inanimate object to people to thoughts and emotions and impulses is run by a force, an angel, that is part of the natural way Hashem has designed the world.  All of this is hidden from our perceptions.  And there are two very important realities that are hidden in our unconsciousness that lead us to make poor choices.  These two important realities are true but hidden, and because they are true, the yetzer hara can lead us astray with its images built on these two true lackings, thereby testing us through the apparent lacks in perceived reality and giving us the opportunity to exercise emunah and prayer, thereby telling Hashem that we choose connection and Simcha over disconnection and despair.  With the love from our hearts for Hashem, we infuse the forces with His Love and in so doing, the natural forces within us, which extend in ways we cannot calculate to the created world, are transformed with the infusion of Hashem’s lovingkindness.


We do not comprehend how pervasively the lacks and the tests for our emunah affect our lives. Our orientation is self-consciousness from birth.  For this reason, it may be helpful to call out the two important realities that are true but hidden so that they move from the unconscious closer to consciousness and thereby come into our free will point, helping us  utilize our self-conscious rational mind for Torah and G-dconsciousness and fulfillment of our spiritual mission.

The two important realities that are true but hidden deeply in our unconscious are:

  1. We are lacking in the awareness that Hashem’s love is surrounding us and filling us at all times, that we are beloved creations in a constant flow of love and protection
  2. We are lacking the ability to be as lovingkind and creative as Hashem Himself, in that Hashem wills something and it comes into existence immediately. Not so for us, obviously, and this difference causes us to feel a lack of value, a subordination.

When we will something, it may or may not happen, and when that wanting is frustrated, we have a neurology that produces a stress hormone called cortisol which shakes us up and throws us into our survival instincts so that we have aggressive thoughts.  In that moment of stress, we are being given access to the forces of nature, the very same forces that flow through the actual Creation as objects – solid, liquid, gas or radioactive elements.  Here comes the moment where we exercise emunah.  Our rational mind in that moment of stress is building on how we are going to restore the object of our desire that we believe will restore the perceived lack of love or value.  But what if we remember that we never really lost love or value?


Remember?  We are in a constant flow from Hashem’s will, formed from love and filled with love as a result.  His Will that we exist IS value, the ultimate value, of being connected to eternal value, lasting Eternity.  He alone determines our mortal survival, nothing else.


But we do not remember that.  Instead the two important realities that are true but hidden in our unconscious about the lack of awareness of Hashem’s love and our subordinate value give access to the yetzer hara, who now flashes images to us that project the pursuit of restoration of love and value onto the people and circumstances in our lives and we run after our eyes and hearts with the best of intentions, listening to cultivated rational thinking that has already been scammed by the yetzer hara, who tells us to look externally for the solutions.

What if instead we realize this?  What if instead we are able to see the two categories, love and value, as constant, and that our survival is in Hashem’s hands alone since He is willing everything into existence?

What does Hashem want from us in that moment?  We are empowered through emunah to cry out to Hashem and describe everything to Him as well as our love for Him and for this moment of life – thank you!  For in this moment, we can turn the tables.  Yes our soul has come into contact with powerful forces of nature – anger, fear, sadness, lusts, desire for honor – but not so that we fall into despair following after the yetzer hara’s images that lead us into the darkness.  Rather we, in that moment, can make a request of the King to please draw His love through our prayer into the forces at play, mitigating them, balancing them, harmonizing them, and making it possible for The King to be seen in the natural world.

Just as the Jewish people who lived at the time of Purim had Simcha and joy because Hashem’s hand was revealed, so too we are empowered to have the emunah to, in our own unique ways, bring that love into the forces of nature that blow through all of us.  Whatever the moment, be it fear, anger, desire or craving for honor, instead of going toward subjectivity, instead lean into Hashem’s loving embrace and ask Him to please let us draw His Love deeply into the forces we are experiencing, and act from lovingkindness.

When we do, we are literally wiping out the memory of Amalek, whose whole goal is to destroy the connection we have with Hashem by striking us and drawing natural survival instincts into play to compete with our awareness that our survival is up to Hashem – not naturally felt – so that we falter in our national mission to function with emunah and serve Him in prayer, becoming vessels to bring visibility of His Love into the world.  Let us strengthen emunah and self-knowledge so that we can avoid self-consciousness as our inspiration and replace it with consciousness of Hashem’s love and will.

Here is a playlist of vitalizing Purim information helpful in recognizing the King, in why we long for Him, and helpful in our battle to overcome the obstacles to experiencing simchas hachaim in every moment.

Before Purim, we read Parshas Zachor where we are reminded to wipe out the memory of Amalek, who, out of hatred for Hashem, came to “throw cold water” on the Jewish people being redeemed from MItzrayim.  They did this not because they thought they could be victorious in killing the Jews but only to express hate for Hashem and His people.  Amalek’s hatred overrode the rational mind.

Rabbi Moshe Wolfson sent around three emails on why Amalek is so bad.  In the third email, it says “Amalek denies that which the mind understands to be true; a Jew, with his Emunah, rises above the mind to bond with Hashem.  On Purim, we want to stay in this state of connection so we become drunk (on either wine or just on the joy of the day itself.) Let’s put our minds on the side for one day and revel in the joy of emunah”.  The Ohr HaChodesh comments on the megilla that when the King gave Esther Haman’s estate, really Esther got one third, one third went to rebuilding the Bais HaMikdosh and the third third to Torah scholars.

When we overcome “the memory” of Amalek (that which self-consciously denies what the mind understands as true) within us, imagine what good could come from that “wealth” of force if we choose connection!!  When we cling to the truth of Hashem’s constant love for us and the truth that we have value merely because we are connected to His Will, we can pierce the images the yetzer hara shows us when we naturally have reason to feel lack of love or value, and we can infuse love of Hashem into those very forces of nature, transforming them. May our efforts alone tip the scales for Hashem’s revealed love to fill the world! And may we be counted as having chosen for our life force to make that happen!!


Rabbi Gedale Fenster Purim – The Fight for Strength https://soundcloud.com/breslov-power-classes/purim-the-fight-for-strength
Rebbetzin Slovie Jungreiss Wolff Profound Messages from Queen Esther https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-98QMaF9tYM&feature=youtu.be
Rabbi Aryeh Nivin Inspiration for Purim https://www.dropbox.com/s/xxb5vn0rbbco5x6/Rabbi%20Nivin%202%20min%20clip.mp4?dl=0
Rabbi Yaakov Zalman Labinsky Purim Hidden Miracles – from Rabbi Dessler http://becomingdivine.com/holidays/

Rebbetzin Esther Baila Schwartz   Pray on Purim   https://www.dropbox.com/home/jewish%20women%20unite%202018/purim

Rebbetzin Devorah Yaffa Singer Tu BShevat and On https://www.dropbox.com/s/u27g0se1z0guf06/aish%20tubshevat.mp3?dl=0

please see www.G-ddirecttorah.com, Devorah Yaffa’s site, and find her Lights of Emunah series (not free)…it is a terrific guide for people through this work.

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