Fortieth Day of Gratitude – Closing Program with Devorah Yaffa Singer, Tzipora Harris, and Rabbi Doniel Katz

Please fast forward to the starting point of the program at one hour and twenty minutes …the video before captured the preprogram testing and preparation


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Concluding Program for the Forty Days of Gratitude

Ladies we are creating a forum to reveal the Unity of our unique missions, and we want as many as possible to connect together for this purpose.

We hope that through this sharing, each of us feels more confident in what we gained. By hearing the sharing of other participants and seeing that place where we each expanded, we hope to make tangible for each participant a confidence to bring us simcha for Purim and help us clean with zeal for Pesach, and to motivate us stretch to the next level as we go toward Shavuous.

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youtube link to watch
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We thank all the participants for joining together for these forty days. Stay tuned for the next initiative.

Here are the links to the programs mentioned, in case they are of interest in you
Devorah Yaffa Singer Lights of Emunah
Tzipora Harris
Rabbi Doniel Katz
Rabbi Aryeh Nivin Belief Notebook (for self-knowledge to help transcend)
Rabbi Tzadok Cable

Creating a forum to reveal the Unity of our unique missions
Jewish Women Unite



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