Despair is intended for us to break through the illusions of self-interest to reach true reality

Dedicated to the elevation of the souls that lost their lives in the unforgivable Florida high school shooting and for somehow for Hashem to find a way comfort the tragic and horrific loss of life that has resulted, may we see a new light in the world soon and no more death or sadness.

Despair is intended for us to break through the illusions of self-interest and re-connect the strength of the despair, a spiritual energy that is part of our soul and trapped in the despair, to the true reality.  We do this with wisdom from the Torah, emunah and bitachon  that help us break through the  the self-interested illusions generating the despair, despair built on false beliefs that we are lacking in love and lacking value.

We cry out to Hashem to heal the place in our heart that is feeling the strength of  overwhelming pain and hurt and ask from wisdom and out of love for Hashem that He should help us become purified. We ask that this thought chain generating pain from our heart become instead a place that holds only Hashem.  He who comes to be purified will be helped.  Through such loving submission we reach the perspective of ourselves that Hashem desires. Our ego – as normal and healthy as it may be – is the obstruction blocking His Mercy from being perceived, our ego that thinks naturally about our self-interests, may we see a new light so that no one ever need to undergo a test of loss as tragic as we have been seeing.

It is His Will that we are here to reflect Hashem into the world over our natural instincts of survival and natural urges.

By investigating our thinking and finding where our pain is rooted in feeling a lack of love or a lack of value, we can spot the false beliefs and realize the yetzer hara has lured us with natural self-interest and survival instincts into the dark.  In that moment, with wisdom of the Torah and comprehending consciousness and free will, we beseech Hashem with sincerity that all we want is Hashem.  In that moment, we move past the constraints of the images of the yetzer hara that naturally lock us into ego and self interest and instead come to see that we are something far more than that lowly egoism, that we have made it to “nothing”, meaning that we see our mortality, our flesh, as creations who can reach eternal life by choosing connection over an egoistic  sense of complete autonomous independent existence and finding our actualization in connecting to Hashem. This turn around IS our full actualization for this world and builds eternal identity.

Here a description of someone who tragically lost his family in a fire, Rabbi Gavriel Sassoon.  He talks about this dissolving of despair and finding the reality of the world.


Reflections on increasing simcha in Adar – 5778

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