The battleground is for our heart…will we run to Hashem’s lovingkindness?

I have now experiential understanding that there is only one battle we should be armed for, and that is the battle between kadosh and ra for ruling our hearts.

When we begin to feel ourselves moving away from knowing that Hashem is all loving, it is usually because we are disappointed or upset about circumstances or a relationship.  All of physicality is a prop in total control of Hashem.  What He desires is for us to remain attached, to cling to Him, to have confidence that He Alone is running things, and to remain with a loving heart flowing His Lovingkindness into the world.

We have no real control over anything else anyway, so why not consider this as a real possibility?

Wars are fought over resources.  The resource at stake in who controls our heart is access to the most valuable thing there is…our holy soul that is made in His Image that is connected directly to Him as the only Being that is alive.

If wars are fought over water, it makes perfect sense that a spiritual war would be fought over access to life itself.

The props are emotional – family members, friends, money, our health.  Great props for mortals who are wired to believe that their survival is in their own hands.  The tool is emunah, faith and confidence that Hashem exists, that there is No Other Power, and that He is One.  Meaning that we are one with Him and with all, with the universal substance of the universe, with the compassion that fills everything, the Soul of the world.  Are we going to hang on or let go and let our life force dissipate into non-permanent props?

The root of love is the cReator of love, Hashem  We do not ever need to feel distant from love.  And when we comrehend that and love Hashem in order to remain within a world of lovingkindness, we immediately restore real value, not just temporal value, to our existence.   With this confidence, we face the emotionally disturbing challenges that our designing imagination for tuma would like to use to bait us to draw off our life for dissipation into its husks and props.  We have real free will to run to Hashem’s loving arms and restore our hearts to meaningfulness.

Everything else, all the props, are being arranged by Hashem.  It is therefore far better, heaven forfend, that our worst fears happen than we should worry or think that they are happening before they do or before we know.  For we are not in control of circumstances.  But we are responsible for our life force and where we associate, with spiritual matters that are holy or weakening ourselves and falling into darkness.


The battle is for our hearts.  We are given the Torah to fortify our faith and confidence.  Hashem exists and He is all loving.  We may ask Him for understanding of what we might not see as good, we may plead with Him to purify us, but in the end we do so with love and acceptance and a trusting heart that it is all for the good. May our heartfelt actions  reflect Hshem’s value and love into the world and may our lives have meaning and purpose that builds joy in this world and the next.


One thought on “The battleground is for our heart…will we run to Hashem’s lovingkindness?

  1. michele Bisnott

    what a powerful little script! It really, really nourishes my neshama! honestly! I literally preach to myself while reading these writings! How do you come up with these words, expressions, that reach right to the core of the reader’s neshama?!! Hashem continue to reveal Himself through you, with words of wisdom that truly nourishes our neshamas!! One Love!


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