Fire Sale! Yetzer Hara Going out of Business! Let’s move that forward!!!

Due to the discovery of the way to protect oneself from falling into the imagery of the yetzer hara, the pictures associated are being auctioned off:


Images associated with

You are worthless

Includes every imaginable excuse for forgetting that even though we cannot attain the level of Hashem, we CAN connect to Him and therefore to value. Whether or not we actually connect, the potential to connect itself IS value.


You are unlovable

Includes every imaginable excuse for forgetting that even though we no longer have consciousness of Hashem’s constant lovingkindness and how the world is nothing but an expression of His lovingkindness, including every aspect of the body, the soul, and life circumstances, we CAN have a relationship with Hashem that awakens within us lovingkindness, and that automatically returns us to the flow of the creation of lovingkindness in a way that we experience light and love of Hashem.


Are you willing to buy these false pictures of yourself so that you can hold onto them after the yetzer hara is out of business?  No?  Then give them up NOW and put the yetzer hara out of business SOONER!!  You will be glad for each image you let go of now!  Choose it!


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