Emuna in Hashem’s lovingkindness infused in all the creation gives us what we need to find our holiness


Perhaps a moment of reflection on the powerful wind that affected Europe leaving destruction in its wake might motivate us to comprehend that there is a Being that is all powerful and give us an inkling of how His Power that He lets us wield is best used by us.


For this discussion, the term for spirit ruach is our personal wind, the wind of our soul, of the unique characteristics we struggle with to bring our existence upwards towards our neshama from our nefesh, our animalistic unconscious impulses.  Will what blows through our conscious mind become entangled with actions representing the unconscious snares of lacking love or respect, or will the consciousness that Hashem gives us as part of our life force awaken to its hidden but built in love and awe of Hashem, and through free will unify the opposite imageries of the nefesh and the neshama, clinging in connection to the True Power of the world, Melech HaOlamim?


We each have unique personal journeys, challenges and characteristics to overcome as well as gifts to grow, in becoming a lens through which Hashem’s Mercy, which is the basic truth of the universe, can be seen.


When we have emunah in how Hashem’s kindness fills the world and how His Mercy is present within us by giving us life and challenge, we have the wisdom we need to connect with in order to do the work we need to when negativity begins to blow through us – wisdom that keeps us harmonizing the truth that Hashem is all merciful and all powerful with the experience of our perceptions when we are challenged and triggered, losing our balance due to imagery based in jealousy, desires, or craving for honor regarding our standing in the area of love and value.


This wisdom and emunah are what we need in order to distinguish our true self from our unique unconscious that otherwise feels like who we are, the parts of us pained when we feel lacks in being loved or respected.


If our unconscious runs things as is the normal condition unless we become educated regarding the soul and the purpose of life to bring about for ourselves a soul correction and acquire a greater proportionate amount of rectified middos, the actions and speech that our unconscious chooses to reach its goals in pursuit of its desires often leaves a trail behind it – who did we derail?  Who did we turn over?


The force of power of our actions is from Hashem, for there is no other power to source it.  He permits His power to be wielded and swirled in challenges we inflict upon each other knowing that He can use every step to bring about something good that IS His Will all the while giving us real free will.


When we acquire certainty that the kindness of Hashem is at all times present in our existence, our body and material as well as our soul selves, when we know that He has filled all the world with that mercy, then no matter how we feel in the moment, it is also always true that He is filling us with His Mercy because He fills everything with mercy.  That currency is a constant presence from Hashem.   That is true whether or not we experience our moments as moments of lovingkindness.  We may, in fact, be experiencing a moment of extreme personal distress or even as a moment of loss of life.  Nothing trigger our survival instincts more than the tangible compelling perceptions of material reality, threats, illness, poverty and more.  These material struggles are not imaginary to our mortal existence.  However, when we know at all times that He is mercy and filling everything, it sets an environment for us that gives us the opportunity to become less pained and more connected. In fact, we can turn the pain inside out and connect back to Hashem with an experience of joy when we have emunah and trust that He is Melech Ha’olam. Our effort to choose to do so builds our eternal identity.


Hashem’s Will is the power that blows through the world.  When we have our inner world’s ruach aligned with His Will with love and awe for how Hashem gives us this opportunity, we become vessels through which Hashem’s mercy can come into the world. This is very pleasurable, far more pleasurable than the attainment of what we had first considered to be lacking.  When we realize it is His Wind/Will/Power that is blowing, we can either stand in opposition with our small candle, thinking we are the light, and end up getting blown out or turned upside down, or we can catch the wave and experience tremendous pleasure of being with Hashem’s Will.


The emunah that we are creations and therefore embody compassion from Hashem is crucial to us to trust in order to call upon that hidden truth in moments where our perceptions are leading us hard and heavy over the threshold of connection to Hashem towards darkness due to lacks in the areas of  love or honor or both. We already contain the natural resource of compassion we need because it is part of our created being, although hidden in our hearts.  Before we go automatically into the darkness itself, if we can see the threshold floor of love and value that the forces of tuma are giving us images to act in ways that are negative and destructive, away from connection and holiness, we have the insight we need to realize we in truth are not the person reactive to unconscious impulses of the animal soul.  Instead we see we are beings that have the ability to recognize that through free will, Hashem gives us the personal choice to be connected to Him and thereby bring His Mercy implanted within our nefesh visibly into the world through our speech and deeds.


Each path is unique in our struggle.  Yet the setting in which our unique struggles and journeys take place is one of compassion, one where Hashem’s Will and Power prevails, one that we can choose to align with when we have clarity and confidence that He is Compassionate and as His Creation His Compassion fills us and is therefore findable within us for us to choose to give it voice and expression over the natural presenting impulses.



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