Thank you, Emunah, and our eternal identity

“Thank you” resets with emunah where our free will otherwise surfaces when ego is challenged.


When feeling disrespected or unloved, free will often slips past that initial trigger point. Often our free will seems instead to make choices after the resulting survival instincts set in, usually seeking outward “fixes” (blame and shame) that feel justified based on the understandings from our external albeit inward appearing world of “me”.


Better to say thank you and notice our essence/compassion/daas is trying to direct compassion to “feed” the me. Do you agree, do you see how the mortal “me” is not the eternal part of us, the part of us that lives in this world and the next?  The “me” is external but felt internally because of the design of our lifeforce, a neshama and a body.


If you see this, the understanding can help shift free will point to the trigger of respect or yearning for love itself, before survival instincts kick in.  Remember, love, care and protection come ONLY from Hashem, so our survival instincts that overlook that are based on a faulty understanding that WE protect ourselves.

 We can ask Hashem that in the very spot of darkness, in the noticing of the issue of respect or yearning for love that feels like a threat, that we request to reveal His light from the apparent darkness itself – believing His light (love, care and protection) is there and only concealed due to our “me”.  That vessel can become a light channel.


Say “Thank you! I wish to be material that reveals You in this world (and thereby use my free will and lifetime to create my eternal identity as one with YOU for the next world). “


When we love Hashem in this heartfelt way, He increases the midda of compassion in us giving us clarity and calmness, and its  “doing” force in our subsequent actions that reflect His Mercy  has our name on it.

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