The world is created for each of us – we have the power to control our inner world and affect existence

The entire world is created for each individual person.  For you, for him, for her, for me, for them. 


Each one of us is a world unto ourselves.  Can anyone really understand or feel what it is like to be an other, that is, someone other than themselves? 


Would you agree that even WE don’t fully understand ourselves?  And if yes, then does that not help us understand the complexities of understanding each other?


If we can agree on this point, then the next question is how can we have meaningful relationships with others in a world designed for each individual yet no one can fully comprehend another?  How really can we be loving, giving, nurturing beings that emulate Hashem?


Do you see the question? 


We are made in Hashem’s Image, and He is the Creator of every detail of our inner world and circumstance.  He is thinking up absolutely every moment of every life and every moment that any object or circumstance has physical expression.  If Hashem did not think and utter it into existence, it (or we) would simply NOT exist.  Yet He makes us in His Image and gives us a Torah and tells us to emulate His Attributes of Mercy.


What I am suggesting is that we notice the playing field that Hashem intends for us to have dominion over.  If we do not have dominion over anything that exists in the world of time and space – that is, if we do not have the ability to truly affect it with our own understanding and choices, how can we understand the thirteen attributes of mercy that we cry out all Elul, how do we understand the time between Passover and Shavuous when we are attempting to correct our middos, the sefiros that compose our souls? 


The place that we have 100 percent control is in our choice to recognize that we are here to have a relationship with Hashem Who is the Almighty over absolutely everything and that the playing field is our effort to cry out to Him pleading that we may be worthy to remove what is concealing His Light in the moment.  We wish in every moment to find something we can do to aggrandize Hashem and bring out His Mercy flowing to us, rather than fulfill our “me” oriented distortions of what is good.


In other words,  we receive a stimuli through our perceptions and, if we take a look at the world and think Hashem is asking us to repair something within the world itself, directly, through an action, we may actually be overlooking the playing field.  The playing field is to comprehend deeply our reaction to the stimuli, to our perception, and to put ahead of everything else a yearning to flow His Light into our hearts, speech and deeds, thereby completing our souls and repairing the elements we overcome to do so.  When we do battle with the resistances we experience stemming from anger, fear, insult, hurt embarrassment and more, we are recognizing that our will and ego have been placed in conflict with an experience of everything Hashem does is all good.  Nullifying that conflict through beseeching Hashem and recognizing THAT NULLIFICATION as the effort that transforms and completes us is the playing field.  Our effort to do so IS our eternal identity.  Success is up to Hashem.  It may take a long time for us to come to an understanding of how Hashem designs our personalities, circumstances and role, but if we understand the playing field, at least we have the beginning of a perspective.  The beginning of wisdom is the fear of Hashem, the awe that is required to comprehend is Absolute control over every thought, object, circumstance and moment.  There is, in fact, only Hashem that is actually alive.  We are having an experience of life because He has designed our consciousness towards this goal.


We can dominate the world when we view that domination coming through the triggers we feel based on our perceptions and the effort we make to emulate Hashem in our inner world by quieting the powerful reactions and affecting our hearts towards lovingkindness.  We can then understand how each person in the world with our unique universes created for us is really being given a tremendous gift by being alive. In this way, we can best show others that we understand each other as universes who are seeking to bring Hashem’s compassion into the world, sometimes succeeding and sometimes not.  Nothing that happens CAN be personal from another person.  Everything that happens IS coming from Hashem designed for us to approach the playing field.



We are being given an opportunity to shine Hashem’s compassion into this world over the natural “me” that sees the world as a place that we can directly act upon, the natural way of seeing the world that confuses us and conceals Hashem. 


May we all choose the playing field that we are designed to have 100 percent control over and continue our life journey with this upgraded understanding! May we grow each day in our understanding of our lives and the world that each of us is and how best to affect the world through correcting the images that affect our hearts by reaching first to the wisdom of the Torah, prayerfully beseeching Hashem to help us complete our souls and the world in the process. 




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